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Needles and system parts for small diameter circular knitting machines

From the needle to the sock – The socks sector encompasses a wide range of machines: single and double cylinder machines as well as single cylinder machines with dial. Transfer techniques used on single cylinder machines with dial additionally allow to produce a variety of patterns. These machines are offered with typical diameters from 3.5 to 6 inches, whereby depending on the gauge, needles with a thickness from 0.26 mm to 1.55 mm are employed. The machines are working with one to four feeds, depending on pattern options.

Unlike large diameter circular knitting machines, sock machines do not knit continuous tubular fabric but individual socks. The high level of mechanization of these machines is demonstrated, among other things, by the fact that machines exist which are capable of automatically closing the toe of the sock, thus producing a finished article in a single operation. Groz-Beckert offers high-performance needles and system parts for this technology.

Legwear products

The Groz-Beckert portfolio of knitting machine needles for the production of socks includes latch needles for sock machines of all gauges, Links needles for double cylinder machines and system parts for toe closing and the entire knitting process.

Knitting machine needles

Knitting machine needles

Single cylinder sock needles
Using Groz-Beckert sock needles guarantees a particularly trouble-free knitting process. Groz-Beckert stands for strictest tolerances and highest quality standards. Uniform quality from batch to batch ensures production of flawless fabric at all times.

Single cylinder sock needles with predetermined breaking groove
Butt breakage due to mechanical overload cannot always be prevented. To minimize the effects, and in agreement with the machine builder, certain hosiery needles are equipped with a predetermined breaking groove.

Single cylinder sock needles with transfer function
The transfer function of these needles helps to manufacture high quality lace patterns or ribbed patterns on single cylinder machines.

Single cylinder sock needle with transfer wing
With the transfer wing, high quality lace patterns, also called ajour patterns, can be manufactured on single cylinder machines.

Dial needles
Dial needles have a relatively short overall length. They enable the production of true ribs. Depending on the application, they come with and without transfer function.

Links needles
Links needles, also called double-headed needles, are equipped with two loop-forming parts located at the ends of the needle. They are used in double cylinder machines, for instance for classy ribbed men's socks.

Seamless needles
Seamless needles are the thinnest needles available for legwear. They are used to manufacture high quality women's stockings with the smallest loops.

System parts

System parts

Extreme loads from mechanical influences in the loop formation process cause premature wear. For this reason, Groz-Beckert has adapted the hardness of its sinkers to the higher requirements by employing special grades of steel. Groz-Beckert offers sinkers with and without local hardness. Local hardness means precise wear protection in the yarn-impact area. This is especially important when used in high-speed machines and when working with abrasive materials.

System parts for toe closing
Toe closing systems in sock machines ensure that the sock emerges finished from the machine, thus making manual closing of the sock superfluous. These system parts perform the task of removing the sock from the knitting cylinder and automatically sewing it on the machine.

Transfer jacks
In sock machines transfer jacks are used to manufacture the welt. The transfer jack takes on a loop from the first course of the welt. After the second to last course of the welt has been knit, the needle takes up the loop hanging on the transfer jack and knits it to the last course of loops. This closes the welt.

Intermediate jacks
Intermediate jacks are used as connecting piece between the needles and selecting jacks. They ensure that a selected needle is securely positioned and performs the right knitting function.

Fields of application

Applications range from the production of socks, fine stockings, medical textiles and underwear to bodysuits, swimwear, leisure and sportswear.


Typical fields of application are the production of men's, women's and children's socks. One advantage of toe closing systems is the stitch-precise closing of the sock with the least possible waste.

Sports and functional socks

Occasionally, compression socks are also used in sports and hiking. Tight loops allow pressure to be built up at the ankle and calf and improves blood flow to the veins.

Medical stockings

Circular knitted compression stockings have no seam and can therefore be produced more quickly and thus in larger quantities. They are mostly used in the prevention of thrombosis or for the treatment of varicose veins.

Fine stockings

Wearing fine stockings serves both pragmatic and fashion purposes. The legs are warmed and in cold weather fine stockings or pantyhose can protect the skin from drying out.

Float stitch patterns

When knitting float stitch patterns, unselected yarns are laid as float stitches behind the formed loops. A reliable float function is indispensable for producing flawless fabric.

Custom-tailored solutions

Groz-Beckert offers customized systems and solutions in accordance with customer needs. As a development partner, Groz-Beckert maintains good relationships with many renowned machine builders and knitting mills.

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