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A completely new brand experience

Driving innovation is one of Groz-Beckert’s core goals. This not only includes the further development and new development of products, but also an innovative range of services including customer communication.

The Groz-Beckert experience has been created on this basis: It offers a unique brand experience.

The Groz-Beckert Experience allows you to experience products from all our product areas up close. You can view the products in detail using 3D models. The models are supplemented with product information, animations and brochures. You can explore our 3D showroom yourself.

The product information is definitely the heart of the Groz-Beckert experience, but we don't want to stop there. We want to continue to expand the content in the future and live up to the name of the platform: The Groz-Beckert Experience should be an experience for our customers. The "Our promise" area offers a sneak peek of this, presenting interesting data and facts about Groz-Beckert in an appealing way.

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What the Groz-Beckert Experience offers:

Precision in 3D

All products in the Groz-Beckert Experience are presented using 3D models, which can be rotated 360° as desired. You also have the option of zooming in even closer to specific areas, view details and discover advantages.

Multimedia content

In addition to the 3D models and the corresponding descriptive texts, the brand experience also includes further material with product information, such as images, animations and product brochures.

More than just products

The "Our promise" section includes information on the company’s history, as well as other interesting facts about Groz-Beckert.