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Needles and system parts for circular knitting machines

From the needle to the finished product – Knitted fabrics on large-diameter circular knitting machines are manufactured as endless tubular fabric with a circular array of knitting needles. In double-jersey machines, needles are arranged in both the cylinder and the dial, while single-jersey machines use knitting machine needles as well as sinkers.

In shirt-making on bodysize machines, for example, this eliminates lateral seams. This is particularly advantageous for skintight clothing. However, knitted fabrics on seamless bodysize machines, in contrast to large diameter circular knitting machines, are manufactured as individual items and not pulled off as tubular fabric, but rather ejected individually. Circular knitting machines with corresponding diameters are used for the different fabric sizes. For this Groz-Beckert provides high-performing needles and system parts such as knitting cylinders.

Circular knitting products

We have a widespread range of latch needles from coarse gauge up to E 80 with a variety of shank, hook and latch shapes. In addition to this steadily growing product portfolio of high-performance needles and system parts for all types of knitting machines, our range also includes knitting cylinders for the large circular knitting and seamless bodysize sectors.

Knitting machine needles

Knitting machine needles

A needle that reduces power consumption? – litespeed™ plus
At high speeds, high temperatures can arise in the tricks of a circular knitting machine due to strong friction. With its optimized geometry, the litespeed™ plus needle family reduces friction in the needle trick and therefore reduces power consumption.

Gauges of circular knitting machine needles
The production tolerances of a Vo-LC™ needle are smaller than the diameter of a human hair. This means the Loop Control™ execution counts among the record holders in the area of fine and ultrafine fabrics. With a thickness of less than 0.36 mm, needles used in large diameter circular knitting machines carry the addition LC™ in their product designation. The finest needle has a thickness of just 0.18 mm.

Reduced maintenance effort
When spun fibers are used in high-performance machines, a lot of fiber fly is generated that mixes with oil and metal particles that accumulate in the needle cut-outs and needle tricks. Dirt deposits along the needles reduce the space in the needle trick and increase the friction. The perfect solution is the patented steel-composite high-performance needle by Groz-Beckert. The cut-outs in the needles are filled with a special synthetic material to prevent the accumulation of dirt and therefore reduce the maintenance effort.

Prevention of lines in the fabric with G00 technology
With the G00 needle technology Groz-Beckert offers the ideal solution for cases of unusually high amounts of stress to the hook, for example, from knots or slubs in the yarn or when knitting special constructions. The special feature? The G00 hook does not allow a permanent deformation but breaks on overloading. The error this causes in the fabric is immediately detected. The machine stops and the broken needle can simply be replaced. This avoids high follow-up costs and poor fabric quality.

System parts

System parts

Extreme loads from mechanical influences in the loop formation process cause premature wear. For this reason, Groz-Beckert has adapted the hardness of its sinkers to the higher requirements by employing special grades of steel. We offer sinkers with and without local hardness. Local hardness means precise wear protection in the yarn-impact area. This is especially important when used in high-speed machines and when working with abrasive materials. Another feature is the patented line-up cut-out. It allows to bundle the sinkers and significantly simplifies handling in practice.

Selecting jacks and coupling parts
Secured spring force, constant reaction time and good rounding ensure a reliable functioning of the selecting jacks. This prevents selection errors, thus increasing customer profits. Coupling parts are used as connecting elements between needles and selecting jacks. Coupling parts are indispensable especially in the production of jacquard patterns.

Intermediate jacks and holding-down jacks
Intermediate jacks are used as connecting piece between needles and selecting jacks. They ensure that a selected needle is securely positioned and performs the right knitting function. In contrast to other coupling parts, the intermediate jack is not engaged. This means that it is not connected to the needle, but is located separately in the needle trick and can be moved separately. During the loop formation process, holding-down jacks ensure that the knitted fabric does not ride up.

Knitting cylinder

Knitting cylinders

Groz-Beckert cylinders stand for maximum precision, high wear resistance and a long service life. They are offered for single jersey and double jersey machines. The gauge ranges from E3-E80. As a full-range supplier of cylinders, needles and sinkers, Groz-Beckert offers its customers a system precisely tailored to their requirements. High production accuracy minimizes knitting-in and conversion times during cylinder changes and increases productivity.

Groz-Beckert also develops special designs on customer request. Diameters of up to 60 inches are possible. The high processing quality of the cylinders, combined with perfect concentricity, ensures minimal knitting-in and changeover times when changing cylinders. Thanks to the use of high-quality steel and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, Groz-Beckert cylinders also guarantee maximum service life.

Product highlights


The use of the SAN™ SF staple fiber needle significantly reduces maintenance requirements and the incidence of fabric faults due to longitudinal stripes caused by soiling is significantly reduced.

litespeed® plus

The litespeed™ plus needle family has a partial reduction in needle shank thickness on both sides and achieves the effect of less friction during use in the machine. This reduces power consumption.


The newly developed, modified shank geometry of the LCmax needles has significantly simplified handling and greatly reduced friction when used in the needle channel of the circular knitting machine.

System parts

Our system parts are designed for long-term consistent knitting processes and fault-free fabric. They also ensure short setup times and reduced downtimes for maximum productivity.


When using staple fiber yarns, dirt deposits can occur in the needle and sinker tricks. The special application sinker SNK SF effectively reduces dirt deposits and extends cleaning intervals.

Knitting cylinders

The high processing quality of our cylinders combined with perfect concentricity ensure minimum knitting-in and changeover times when changing cylinders.

Fields of application

Circular knitting technology enables a wide range of applications for the manufacture of different end products. Typical applications are the production of medical textiles, functional wear and underwear as well as bodysuits or swimwear.

Apparel textiles

Apparel textiles

Thanks to a wide range of possibilities, circular knitting technology is perfect for producing fashionable and functional textiles – from undershirts and T-shirts to high-quality sportswear. Circular knitted fabric offers many advantages: it is elastic, seamless, inexpensive to produce and can be used almost anywhere. This flexibility makes it particularly interesting for the apparel industry. The production of apparel is the largest area of application in the circular knitted fabric sector.

Different patterns and gauges provide an enormous variety of designs and functions. Particularly high demands are placed on functional knits for sportswear, for example in terms of stability and moisture transport. In the case of T-shirt and sweatshirt fabrics, on the other hand, the focus is usually on the fashion aspect, while wearing comfort is of particular importance in the case of underwear.

Home textiles

Home textiles

A rather unknown field of application in circular knitting technology is the knitting of mattress fabrics. Here, a technology shift is currently taking place – away from weaving towards more cost-effective and flexible knitting. Compared to woven mattress fabrics, a knitted fabric is elastic and offers other advantages that a woven fabric does not, or only with the use of cost-intensive yarns. These include, among other things, the greater volume of the fabric, the greater flexibility of the fabric or even air permeability. All things that are important for a comfortable sleep. In particular, the higher flexibility and stretchability make knitted mattress fabrics interesting, as it makes it easier to adjust to the body's movements at specific points. Knitted fabrics also offer more patterning options. The end user thus has a wider choice of patterns and the range of products on offer expands accordingly.

Technical textiles

Technische Textilien

Knitted textiles play an important role in the automotive industry. Particularly in the interior of automobiles, an astonishing number of knitted components can be found. Whether seat covers, headrests, door trim or headliners – knitted goods are everywhere in the automobile, although not necessarily visible at first glance.

Yet high demands are placed on the products. Safety standards are high and design and functionality are extremely important. Particularly in vehicle interiors, textiles are often exposed to intense sunlight and high temperatures. The knitted fabric must withstand these stresses for many years. Due to its higher elasticity, knitted fabrics are also more suitable for draping and can be used more universally. In addition to textiles made from knitted yarns, knitted fabrics made from other materials such as metal are also used. These are found, among other things, in radiator hoses, explosion pads for airbags and vibration dampers.

Custom-tailored solutions

Custom-tailored solutions

Groz-Beckert offers customized systems and solutions in accordance with customer needs. As a development partner, Groz-Beckert maintains good relationships with many renowned machine builders, knitting mills and institutes.

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