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Our solutions for your nonwoven production of abrasive fibers

Duration: 30 Minutes
Languages: English, German

At the end of the year, two product areas present their innovative products in this online seminar. True to the motto "strong together for our common customers", our Carding and Felting divisions will show their latest solutions with a focus on wire and barb developments. The focus this time is on abrasive fibers and technical applications such as glass fibers, carbon, ceramic blankets, geosynthetic clay liners and more.

Participation in our online seminar is free of charge. It will take place via Microsoft Teams, with two sessions conducted in both English and German. In order to participate, it is required to register beforehand. Please follow the link for registration and note that it may take some time (up to 45 minutes) for the access link to be sent. We also recommend checking your SPAM folder if you do not receive a confirmation.

The seminar has ended. For more information, please send an email to the contact.