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Challenges when sewing fine knitted fabrics

Duration: 60 Minutes
Languages: English, German

Garments made of fine knitwear such as underwear or sportswear are characterized by a smooth and homogeneous surface. They are also very elastic and adapt optimally to the body. However, the sewing of such fine knitwear poses some challenges.

In this online seminar we will not only provide you with basic knowledge about fine knitted fabrics but will also address the associated challenges with a focus on material damage. You will understand the decisive part that the needle plays in this respect and will learn how to find the optimum needle for your application. We will also present our special application needles SAN™ 10 and SAN™ 10 XS, specifically designed for sewing fine and ultra-fine knitted fabrics.

Participation in our online seminar is free of charge. It will be held twice in English and once in German. Prior registration is required for participation. Please follow the corresponding link.

The seminar has ended. For more information, please send an email to the contact.