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Challenges when sewing woven fabrics

Duration: 60 Minutes
Languages: English, German

Whether it's suits, jeans or workwear – woven fabric behaves differently than knitted fabric when it comes to sewing. At first glance, it seems less problematic in processing, but there are challenges here, too.

In this online seminar we will teach the basics of woven fabrics and the problems associated with their processing. You will learn how it can come to unwanted seam puckering and how to identify the causes. In addition, we will address the challenges involved in sewing a perfect blindstitch seam or processing denim and other medium-weight woven fabrics, and we will present our special application needles SAN™ 6 and MR.

Participation in our online seminar is free of charge. It will be held twice in English and once in German. Prior registration is required for participation. Please follow the corresponding link.

The seminar has ended. For more information, please send an email to the contact.