Weaving technology Basics

Basics of leno weaving

This training provides an overview of the basics of leno weaving and describes the different production methods. It addresses questions such as "What's the structure of a leno weave?", "How can leno weaves be analyzed?" or "How are leno weaves designed?" In addition, it includes the relevant tools and tool-carrying elements used for heald-based leno weaving as well as typical application examples.

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Weaving technology




  • You will gain a brief glimpse of the history and basics of weaving.
  • You will gain basic knowledge of leno weaving and get to know different production methods.
  • You will get an overview of the relevant tools and tool-carrying elements used for heald-based leno weaving.
  • You will gain knowledge of the different technologies used for the production of leno fabrics.
  • You will learn about the construction, analysis and design of leno weaves.

Target Group

This course is suitable for beginners who want to gain initial knowledge of the principles of cloth construction and for experts who want to refresh and expand their knowledge.


For this training we recommend previous knowledge about the production of flat woven fabrics. If required, the course can be combined with the basic course "Weaving technology".


This training takes place in our Competence Center Weaving Technology. It consists of an interactive presentation with examples from practice. Illustrated material such as the relevant tools and related applications complete this training.

  • Prices and Facts

    3,5 hours (face-to-face course)
    08:30 - 12:00 CET


    2 to max. 10 persons


    German / English


    On request

    Price per Person

    250 Euro plus VAT.