Large diameter circular knitting technology Application

Technical training: Single jersey

This training provides a comprehensive insight into the function of a single jersey circular knitting machine. You will gain detailed technical knowledge of handling a single jersey machine through the practical activities on the machine. This includes setting and operating the machine yourself.

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Large diameter circular knitting technology




  • You will gain specialist knowledge of the setup, functions and handling of a single jersey machine.
  • You will analyze single jersey samples and document them by recording the pattern structure and cam setting table.
  • You will carry out a pattern changes and with conversion of the cylinder cams on the machine.
  • You will learn how to correctly set the yarn guide, the yarn tension, the quality wheel, and the take-down, etc.
  • You will learn how to identify any faults on the machine and in the knitted fabric.

Target Group

Based on our experience, this course is suitable for participants with advanced knowledge of the loop formation process on single jersey machines, who are looking to intensify and expand their existing knowledge.


This course requires basic knowledge in the field of loop formation. In combination with, for example the “Large diameter circular knitting technology” course is particularly well suited here.


The training consists exclusively of practical work directly on a single jersey machine.

  • Prices and Facts

    1 day (7 hours) (face-to-face course)
    08:00 - 16:00 CET


    1 to 2 persons



    27 Feb 2024 face-to-face course
    24 Apr 2024 face-to-face course
    18 Jul 2024 face-to-face course
    23 Sep 2024 face-to-face course
    9 Dec 2024 face-to-face course
    Price per Person

    450 EUR plus VAT