Technical apprenticeships

Do you want to get stuck in and develop your technical skills? In addition to our impressive training workshop with milling, turning and CNC machines, Groz-Beckert also has laboratories and other training rooms available to you.

Commercial apprenticeships

If you decide on a commercial apprenticeship, you can expect varied tasks in different areas such as sales, purchasing, marketing, controlling or human resources.

IT apprenticeships

You feel at home in the digital world and want to learn even more about IT systems and the latest technologies? Then you've come to the right place.

Our apprenticeships at a glance

Whether you are interested in business contexts, enjoy dealing with technical topics or prefer to further develop complex IT solutions: with us you have the opportunity to develop your full potential. Get started with an apprenticeship at Groz-Beckert.

  • Technical apprenticeships
    • Industrial mechanic (m/f/d)

      Tasks for all-round talents

      A variety of fascinating tasks - would that appeal to you? Industrial mechanics have anything but a monotonous job.

      At Groz-Beckert you will acquire the necessary skills with a focus on mechanical skills. During your training, you will get to know state-of-the-art systems in perfect interaction. You will learn how to manufacture machine components and how to assemble and commission them into complex assemblies and machines. You learn how to control machine tools by computer, how to use various test procedures and how pneumatic controls work.
      As an expert for industrial production systems, you will have the opportunity to work in parts production, assembly, toolmaking or as a qualified setter in production after you have successfully completed your training. But that's not all - this occupation offers you excellent opportunities for personal and professional advancement through additional training.

      What you need to bring with you:

      • An understanding of technology
      • Manual dexterity and precise working methods
      • A sense of duty and safety
      • Spatial imagination
      • Flexibility and ability to work in a team

      Prerequisite: at least a good secondary school leaving certificate

      Training period: 3.5 years

      Areas of application:

      • Toolmaking
      • CNC parts production
      • Maintenance
      • Machine assembly and set-up
      • Production
      • Quality assurance

      Education partner: Philipp-Matthäus-Hahn-School, Balingen

    • Mechatronics engineer (m/f/d)

      Interface between mechanics and electronics

      Are you equally distinguished by precision craftsmanship and technical understanding? This profession offers everything: electrical engineering, electronics, information technology and mechanics.

      The systems that are the core of your work contain mechanical and electrical as well as hydraulic and pneumatic and electronic components. The mechatronic systems are usually controlled by CNC and PLC programmes that you program.

      Your instructors will prepare you for these demanding tasks. After your training, you will assemble complete modules and machines and ensure that they can be installed and put into operation in the best possible quality. A wide range of interesting tasks awaits you at Groz-Beckert - in maintenance, prototype construction and final assembly or in one of the development departments. With the appropriate commitment, Groz-Beckert also offers you various forms of professional and personal development.

      What you bring with you:

      • Strengths in mathematics and physics
      • A sense of duty and safety
      • Logical, abstract and analytical thinking
      • Independence, flexibility and the ability to work in a team

      Prerequisite: at least a good secondary school leaving certificate

      Duration of training: 3.5 years

      Areas of application:

      • Machine and component assembly
      • Maintenance
      • Prototype construction
      • Final assembly
      • Industrial electrics

      Educational partner: Philipp-Matthäus-Hahn-School, Balingen

    • Material tester (m/f/d)

      Tasks for Argus eyes

      You know that small details can make a big difference? Your precision is in demand in both metal technology and heat treatment technology.

      Our materials testers are employed in our in-house laboratory, which offers both internal and external services.

      As a metal technician, you will be employed in quality control; you will examine materials and products for their properties and composition and identify any defects. Preparing, carrying out and evaluating physical-technical examinations and test series are also part of your duties.

      If you decide on heat treatment technology, you are responsible for the correct selection of the heat treatment process. Through processes such as hardening or tempering, you guarantee the desired material hardness and ensure this through tests and material samples.

      What you bring with you:

      • Strengths in chemistry and physics
      • Quality awareness
      • Exact way of working
      • Logical and analytical thinking
      • Independence and flexibility

      Prerequisite: at least a good secondary school leaving certificate

      Training period: 3.5 years

      Areas of application:

      • Laboratory

      Training partner: Kerschensteinerschule, Stuttgart

    • Technical Product Designer (m/f/d)

      Combining form and function

      Are you creative and have you always enjoyed creating drawings or documentation? Do you also have a good technical understanding? This apprenticeship combines both in three dimensions.

      During your training, you will analyse and design various constructions and further develop the individual parts in the technical systems. Accordingly, in addition to brainstorming, you also have to take complex interrelationships into account. The basics of control and electrical engineering are not to be neglected. After your training, you will be employed as an expert in construction, development or work preparation.

      What you bring with you:

      • Strengths in mathematics and science subjects
      • Technical understanding
      • Very good spatial awareness
      • Logical, abstract and analytical thinking
      • Creativity and ability to work in a team

      Prerequisite: at least secondary school leaving certificate

      Training period: 3.5 years

      Fields of application:

      • Construction
      • Development
      • Work preparation
      • Standardisation

      Training partner: Ferdinand-von-Steinbeisschule, Reutlingen

    • Production mechanic (m/f/d)

      Production and textiles in harmony

      Are you interested in machines and production processes and do you like to pick up your toolbox from time to time? You can combine everything in this apprenticeship.

      Your training revolves around textiles. You not only have an eye on the machines and tools, but are also responsible for the end product. A wide variety of activities await you in our state-of-the-art technical centres. You will also be involved in exciting experiments. This means that you are not only responsible for setting up the machine, but also apply various test procedures. After the apprenticeship, a textile scholarship awaits you, offering you a wide range of employment opportunities at Groz-Beckert.

      What you need to bring with you:

      • Strengths in mathematics and technology
      • High level of comprehension and powers of deduction
      • Logical and analytical thinking
      • Spatial imagination
      • Independence and initiative
      • Flexibility and ability to work in a team

      Prerequisite: A-levels

      Duration of training: 6 years

      Areas of application:

      • Basic training in metal
      • Various textile technologies at Groz-Beckert
      • Placement with partner companies

      Training partner: Philipp-Matthäus-Hahn-School, Balingen

  • Commercial apprenticeships
    • Industrial clerk (m/f/d)

      Tasks as versatile as Groz-Beckert

      Are you looking for varied tasks? During this apprenticeship you will work in the entire commercial area of Groz-Beckert.

      You will deal with all business processes - where people negotiate together every day, where they communicate with each other.

      As an industrial clerk, you will work in the areas of procurement and logistics, human resources, marketing and sales, for example. In dealing with the latest information technology, the computer is your daily working tool. Parallel to the extensive and well-founded specialist knowledge that you gradually acquire, you will be taught overarching qualifications such as work, planning and organisational techniques. And you train your service orientation and communication skills.

      What you need to bring with you:

      • Strengths in mathematics, German and English
      • Good general education
      • Customer orientation
      • Communication skills
      • Ability to work under pressure, flexibility and in a team

      Prerequisite: at least a good secondary school leaving certificate

      Training period: 3 years

      Field of activity:

      • Purchasing
      • Human resources
      • Sales
      • Accounting and Finance
      • Logistics

      Education partner: Walther Groz School, Albstadt

    • Social security clerk (m/f/d)

      Tasks with a social aspect

      Are you good with numbers and do you like to help other people? Are you communicative and articulate? Then do it - with an apprenticeship at BKK Groz-Beckert.

      Founded in 1888, the Groz-Beckert company health insurance fund is one of the very first company-owned health insurance funds.

      As a social insurance clerk (m/f/d), you are the link between the service provider and the insured. You advise insured persons and the Groz-Beckert company in its function as employer. You are the contact person for all benefit and insurance law issues relating to social insurance. In this way, you make a significant contribution to maintaining and restoring the health of the insured and to their financial security in the event of illness or care.

      With your knowledge, you bring light into the darkness of the social insurance jungle. Later, further training as a health insurance specialist or a degree in health care is possible.

      What you need to bring with you:

      • Strengths in mathematics and German
      • Pleasure in dealing with people
      • Good written and oral communication skills
      • Tact and discretion
      • Enjoyment of lifelong learning

      Prerequisite: at least a good secondary school leaving certificate

      Training duration: 3 years

      Training partner: BKK Academy, Rotenburg an der Fulda

  • IT apprenticeships
    • IT Specialist (m/f/d)

      With a system to success

      Digital data and computers are your world? Then you have the choice of specialising in system integration or application development.

      As an IT specialist, you are a service provider in your own company - which means that Groz-Beckert employees are your customers.
      While system integrators are mainly responsible for the systems and hardware "in front of the socket", the focus of application developers is more "behind the socket". The latter realise customer-specific IT solutions - in particular through the programming adaptation of existing software.

      Regardless of which specialisation you choose, at Groz-Beckert you will not only learn the basics of information technology and business administration, but also all the processes involved in data processing systems and many other facets of this modern profession.

      What you need to bring with you:

      • Enthusiasm for maths and computer science
      • Good knowledge of English
      • Understanding of processes
      • Persistence and willingness to learn
      • Analytical and logical thinking

      Prerequisite: At least a good secondary school leaving certificate

      Duration of training: 3 years

      Areas of application:

      • Support
      • Network and server administration
      • Commercial systems
      • Technical computing
      • Software customisation and administration

      Education Partner: Philipp-Matthäus-Hahn School, Balingen

We open up numerous opportunities

Whether you are interested in an apprenticeship or a degree course, choose a company that is happy to take responsibility for the further development of young people - far beyond the minimum requirements.

Creating ideal conditions for a successful professional future - that's what around 160 apprentices and dual students in technical, commercial and IT professions are currently working on at the Groz-Beckert headquarters in Albstadt. Regardless of which career path you choose - we guarantee you excellent training in a globally successful company.

Application tips and FAQs

We would like to give you some tips and tricks on the subject of job applications. Have fun browsing!

  • The application process

    What awaits you in the application process?

    • Pre-selection based on the application documents
    • Invitation to the vocational aptitude test
    • Second selection based on the test results
    • Invitation to group interview with individual interview
    • Final selection of suitable applicants

    Submit your application for the corresponding position online via our job exchange.

    To the Job Exchange
  • The application deadline

    Always apply one year before the start of your training or studies. The best time to do this is at the beginning of the summer holidays, when you have received your end-of-year certificate. The selection process at Groz-Beckert starts at the end of August and lasts until around the middle/end of November.

  • The application documents

    "Send your complete application ..." This or similar is how advertisements or job offers usually end. But what do we actually mean by "complete" application documents? What is meant is:

    • Cover sheet (optional)
    • Picture (optional)
    • Cover letter
    • Curriculum vitae in table form
    • Testimonials
    • Other attachments to the application

    The application documents form the first impression of you at the company. In order to present yourself in the best possible light, carefully prepared documents are particularly important. It is therefore best to have your documents proofread. This applies to applications by post as well as to online applications. By the way, make sure they are of good quality and in subtle colours, then you will be perfectly prepared.

  • The career aptitude test

    In the case of apprenticeships and university places, after the initial pre-selection based on the application documents, the applicants are invited to a vocational aptitude test. You have already cleared the first hurdle! In the occupational aptitude test, you will be asked about occupation-specific content. In addition to the school grades, the results of the test provide further parameters on the suitability of the respective applicant.

  • The interview

    An invitation to an interview at Groz-Beckert means that you have made it to the final: Now the personal impression counts, since the test and application documents were positive. Pay attention to the following points:

    • Appropriate clothing: There are differences depending on the job description. However, the following applies to all: It's about your future. However, a simple pair of jeans or trousers combined with a smart top is perfectly adequate.
    • Write down any unclear points and ask them as questions in the individual interview.
    • Put yourself in the company's shoes: What would you like to know about future employees? And that's exactly what you have to prepare for!
    • Arrive a few minutes early so that you can take a deep breath and switch off your smartphone.
    • Speak calmly and clearly during the interview; answer the questions truthfully.
    • Pay attention to your body language and manners during the interview: Let your interviewer finish.
    • Keep eye contact with your interviewer and smile.

    During the interview you might be asked questions about the following topics:

    • Motives/reasons for your application
    • Motivation to perform
    • Education and professional career
    • Personal profile (especially strengths and weaknesses; hobbies)
    • Professional goals

Any open questions? We are here for you.

Whether by phone or email, you can contact us at any time. We will be happy to answer any open questions.

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