Tool Shop

Up to 300,000 individual tools and over 400 complete stamping tools per year are produced for our internal customers. In addition, our Tool Shop is a service provider in the technological environment for external customers. With our state-of-the-art machinery, we can process almost any tool material with the highest precision. We meet the very high demands on tolerances, surface quality as well as form and position tolerances every day with the highest motivation and sophisticated know-how.

Parts Manufacturing

There are virtually no limits to the production of highly complex parts and geometries in our Parts Manufacturing. Worldwide, Groz-Beckert produces around 600,000 parts on state-of-the-art 5-axis grinding machines and up to 10-axis turning/milling machines. Our machine park allows us an economical and technically outstanding manufacture in the segment of complex single item production. In addition to our automation systems, we use a sophisticated CAD/CAM systematics to operate our lines efficiently and with optimized setup.

Machine Assembly

How more than 200 batch size 1 machines per year are assembled and brought into service economically and in accordance with the latest standards is demonstrated by our Machine Assembly every day. Assemblies and machines consisting of more than 30,000 individual parts and tools are brought to life to then perform their µ-accurate service for decades. By the way, you won't find any paper in the Machine Assembly. The area works with modern screens on 3D models – directly and live in integrated systems.


Our maintenance team sees itself as a flexible and exclusive service provider in first level support. Every day, our specialists look after around 9,000 in-house developed operating resources worldwide. Remote support via modern communication systems such as the Hololens plays an increasingly important role in obsolescence management. In addition, we live up to our responsibility for maximum machine safety and availability through sophisticated preventive maintenance & repair that goes far beyond the legal requirements and guidelines for occupational safety and environmental protection (including DGUV and VDE).