I arrived at Groz-Beckert via something of a detour and the company opened up completely new prospects for me as a setter and operator of machines for needle production. As a trained window maker, I had no connections with the sector and my current field of work prior to joining Groz-Beckert.

But thanks to internal training and further education to become a specialist for metal technology, I quickly succeeded in finding my way around my job. My colleagues and managers were a real support here and were always willing to help.

I love that my work offers something new every day. Different work steps must be carried out for every needle type in the large product range and, when new products are introduced, entire subprocesses have to be adapted in some cases.

Even with my shift work, my work hours at Groz-Beckert are relatively set. This means that there is always enough time for planning the weekends and for taking the occasional trip to nearby Lake Constance or the Danube valley.