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Compliance in supplier management

Discover how Groz-Beckert creates more sustainable, safe and ethical supply chains through reliable partnerships and a deep sense of responsibility.

Partnership meets Compliance: our commitment to secure supply chains.

At Groz-Beckert, we consider compliance in supplier management to be fundamental to the sustainable success and responsibility of a globally active company.

We firmly believe that a stable and secure supply chain not only contributes to this, but also forms the basis for long-term, trusting partnerships.

Our commitment to ethical standards in our supply chain not only strengthens the trust of our customers and employees, but also forms the basis for long-term, trusting partnerships.

Our Code of Conduct for Suppliers

Ensuring ethical standards along our supply chains is more than just a legal obligation for Groz-Beckert. Above all, it is a moral conviction.

Our Code of Conduct for Suppliers is a central component of this conviction. It sets clear standards for ethical principles that apply to all our suppliers. These clear guidelines are not only a benchmark for compliance with legal requirements, but also an expression of our commitment to integrity and fairness.

Transparent commitment

Groz-Beckert is represented on the sustainability platform Integrity Next. Here we inform our customers, partners and other interested stakeholders about our commitment to sustainability and our measures in the area of compliance. You can also download our current certificates – from the ISO catalog, for example – from the platform. This enables you, our customers and partners, to meet your legal obligations in the supply chain.

We also set out our rules of behavior and values in our Code of Conduct. It gives us guidance for our daily professional actions as employees, managers and colleagues, and serves as a compass in our interactions with customers, suppliers and partners. Our Code of Conduct applies to everyone at Groz-Beckert. We also expect our business partners to follow the principles of Groz-Beckert’s Code of Conduct.

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