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Employees and Society

At the heart of our international family business are the people who work for us. We want to offer them a safe and modern workplace, protect their health and enable them to develop personally and professionally. To this end, we are embracing the opportunities of digitalization and working on new models of collaboration, especially in production.

In addition to our commitment as an employer, we are actively involved in the community, whether through internal activities for our employees and their families or through cooperation with external partners such as universities or social institutions at our locations.

Education and development

Qualified and motivated employees are the basis for our success. At Groz-Beckert, we therefore put great emphasis on promoting professional and personal development. Numerous training and further education opportunities, seminars, workshops and training courses create new perspectives.

Another important component is the company's in-house training of young talents. In Germany alone, almost 200 young people are currently being trained in commercial and technical professions. The spectrum ranges from apprenticeships to cooperative studies or combined studies. Groz-Beckert also offers international trainee programs.

Equally relevant for securing our specialist knowledge is the link between research and practice. This is why Groz-Beckert cooperates with vocational colleges and universities as well as various associations along the textile value chain, such as CarbonComposite e. V.

Our goals in the area of Employees and Society

Leadership culture

We further develop the company-wide leadership culture.


We maintain competence and experience knowledge and secure the need for skilled workers.

Workplace safety

We create safe working conditions for healthy work.

Employee health

We invest in the health of our employees.

Safe and healthy working conditions

We want to create a healthier working environment for all our employees. The focus here is on prevention and active promotion. All our companies fulfill the legal requirements for health protection and prevention in the company - and in many cases offer free services that go far beyond the local laws.

At the same time, Groz-Beckert has a global zero-tolerance policy with regard to accidents at work. We therefore set the highest occupational safety standards worldwide and consistently take measures to protect employees from occupational accidents and illnesses.

Measures of our occupational health management

Occupational health promotion

  • Preventative measures for cardiovascular and musculoskeletal disorders
  • Ergonomics advice at the workplace
  • Sensitization presentations in cooperation with HR Development (e.g. Lunch and Learn – “nutrition” or “relaxation”)
  • Annual flu vaccination by the company doctor

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

External telephone employee assistance (spiritual welfare)

Company sports groups

  • In-house prevention and training area
  • Gymnastics, football, bowling, sport shooting, handball

Addiction counseling

Support and advice on addiction disorders

Occupational health care/analysis

  • Advice and support on health issues
  • Occupational and travel medicine advice
  • First aid in the event of accidents or acute illnesses
  • Company reintegration management
  • Support in reintegration cases
  • Support for reintegration and redesign of the workplaceafter long-term illness