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E-mail security

Secure e-mail communication with Groz-Beckert

The following options are available for secure transmission of e-mails:

Encrypted e-mail communication with PGP or S/MIME
To use PGP or S/MIME, you need a PGP key or S/MIME certificate issued to your e-mail address as well as a corresponding mail program.

SSL-protected access to a webmail portal
If you do not have the possibility to use PGP or S/MIME, the communication can be done via our webmail portal. Once you have registered, you can use this portal to send e-mails to your contact persons at Groz-Beckert and receive them from them. (Registration on our webmail portal is initiated by our internal employees!)


Regardless of whether you want to use S/MIME, PGP or the webmail portal, you must register with us once. In the first case your e-mail address with your key or certificate will be stored on our system or in the second case an account will be set up for the use of the webmail portal.

To initiate the registration process, please get in touch with your contact person at Groz-Beckert. An employee will then address an e-mail to you that needs to be secured. If you are not already registered, this e-mail will be retained by our system and you will receive an automatically generated registration e-mail containing further information about the registration process.

Note: You may receive a warning when this registration e-mail is received. The reason is that this e-mail was signed by a Groz-Beckert certificate, which is not known to your mail program. To prevent this message from appearing in future, you can classify the certificate as trustworthy.

Certificates or SSL mail

If you have a S/MIME certificate or a PGP key, please send us the certificate(s) as an answer. (For S/MIME you can do this in form of a signed e-mail, for PGP please send the key as a file attachment).

If you have any questions about the technology or its installation in your company, please contact the appropriate IT support

  • S/MIME

    Each external communication partner sends a signed mail to the following address:

  • PGP

    Each external communication partner sends its public key to the following address:

    The public company key of Groz-Beckert has a length of 4096 bits and is valid for a period of 5 years until 31.12.2025. All Groz-Beckert e-mail addresses can be reached with this key.

    Download link: Groz-Beckert public PGP key (4096 Bit) - ZIP, 0.00 MB

    Your key or certificate is then automatically stored by our system and linked to your e-mail address. E-mails from Groz-Beckert that are to be secured are then forwarded to you in a secure manner.

  • Webmail portal

    If you want to use the webmail portal, you will need an account first. This account is automatically created when one of our employees sends you an SSL mail. In this initial mail you will be asked to create a password and complete your new account with us. You can then log on to the portal and use your account to send and receive e-mails to Groz-Beckert. You will be automatically informed by e-mail about new e-mails in your account.

Contact Person

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