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User manual INH@office

Please sign-in to your account by using the credentials provided by Groz-Beckert and follow the following sequence of steps.

Setup Factory

For setting up a new customer, a new factory has to be added first before uploading machine data and other info. Create a new factory as follows: click on ‘’new factory“, enter the factory’s name and location and save.

Setup Needle Inventory

"Needle inventory" means all needles that are used in the factory. For the documentation of needle exchanges, each needle has to be set up in INH@office.
To make it easier, each needle gets an individual number or letter chosen by the factory so that there is no need to always use the complete designations of the needles.

Setting up a new needle:

  • Go to "Setup" and choose "Factories"
  • Click on "Inventory" in the line of the factory for which the needles shall be set up
  • Click on the green box on the right hand side saying "New needle"
  • Fill in all the requested data (as follows) and save it

It is essential to enter the following data for each needle:

  • Needle ID (individually chosen)
  • GB material No. (6-digit, starting with 7)
  • Total length of needle (in mm)
  • Needle designation
  • Needle size (Nm)
  • Needle coating
  • Point style

Setup Lines

To record needle exchanges, all sewing machines of the factory have to be recorded in INH@office and assigned to their sewing lines.

The first step is to create sewing lines:

  • Go to "Setup" and choose "Factories"
  • Choose the category "Lines" in the line of the requested factory
  • Select "New line" (green box on right hand side)
  • Enter all the lines of the production floor

Setup Sewing Machines Inventory

For the documentation of needle exchanges, it is also necessary to record all sewing machines. This can be done either manually or via Excel upload.

Important: Please consider to set up all production lines before setting up the machines!

Setup machines manually:

  • Go the "Setup" and choose "Factories"
  • Choose the category "Machines"
  • Choose "New machine"
  • Enter all the necessary machine data
  • Assign the machine to a sewing line

Setup machines via Excel upload:

  • Enter all the machines into an Excel sheet
  • Please use the template provided by GB and do not make any changes in the given format
  • Ensure that each machine is given the correct needle ID (see before "Setup needle inventory")
  • Please save the filled-in sheet on your computer. Remove all headings before as the file cannot be imported with the headings.
  • Go to INH@office and to the category "Machines" as described above
  • Choose "New machine" and "Import xls"
  • Select the filled-in sheet
  • If the Excel sheet doesn't show any errors, please confirm the import
  • There will be a message saying that the import has been successful or not

Setup users for INH@site and INH@office

There are three different types of users:

  • App-Users (INH@site)
  • Portal-Users (INH@office)
  • Mixed Users (INH@site + INH@office)

INH@site needs two app-users at least:

  • The team leader (needle issuer, supervisor, mechanic or person in charge of the trolley)
  • A machine operator (as there are usually many operators, several ID tags for machine operators have to be created)

Setup app-users

  • Go to "Setup" and select "Portal User"
  • Click on "New User" and "Select User Type"
  • Choose "App-User"
  • Fill-in the user data

Setup Portal-Users and Mixed Users

  • Go to "Setup" and select "Portal User"
  • Click on "New User" and "Select User Type"
  • Choose "Portal-User" or "Mixed User"
  • Fill-in the user data

Tag-ID: There must be an individual ID for every user. This can be an existing employee ID that is available on a card that shows the ID in a format that is readable by INH@site (QR-code or barcode). If the factory doesn't have such employee ID-cards, the INH ID-cards can be used (to be ordered separately). In this case, it is necessary to insert the ID tags printed on the cards.

Setup Employees

There are two possibilities to add new employees (mainly machine operators): Manually or via Excel-upload

  • Go to "Setup" and select "Employees"
  • Choose "Import.xlsx" for Excel upload or "New employee" for manual input
  • Fill- in the employee data

For the Excel upload, please use the Excel template provided by Groz-Beckert.

Print Labels for Needle Return Boxes

For each needle return box, a label is required. This is needed for the connection between INH@site and INH@office when documenting needle exchanges:

  • Go to "Setup" and choose "Machines"
  • Choose "Print box labels" and select which labels shall be printed
  • Follow the further instructions for the print

Setup Production Orders

With INH, every needle exchange can be related to a production order. To do this, every production order has to be set up in INH@office:

  • Go to "Production Orders" and press on "New production order"
  • Fill in the necessary information and press "Save"

You can filter the view of production orders into 4 categories:
1. All production orders
2. Active production orders
3. Planned production orders
4. Completed production orders

Therefore, the current status has to be allocated to every production order:

  • Choose the PO you want to change
  • Under "General data", you can see the current status
  • Click on the green box on the right hand side to change the status. This box can either say "Set active" or "Set complete"

Setup iPad Device

For each INH trolley in the factory, it is necessary to set up the iPad device in INH@office:

  • Go to "Setup" and choose "Factories"
  • Click on "device" in the line of that factory for which the iPad device shall be set up
  • Click the green box on the right hand side saying "New device"
  • Fill in the necessary information and save it

To connect INH@office with the device, INH@office creates a QR-code that has to be scanned when actviation INH@site on the device.

  • After setting up the device, it appears in the list of all devices
  • Open the menu in the line of the device that needs to be activated (3 dots) and choose "Activate Code"
  • A QR-code will appear. Please keep this on open screen so that you can scan it with the device.

Linking INH@office with INH@site

After setting the device in INH@office and after creating the QR code for the connection, the App INH@site has to be installed on the device.

  • Open the Appstore and search for "Groz-Beckert" / "INH@site"
  • Install "INH@site" (free of charge)
  • Open the app and select "Scan Activation Code"
  • Scan the QR-code that has been created in INH@office when setting up the device

INH@site is now ready to be used on the device and is properly connected to INH@office.