News February 2023

The Groz-Beckert Needle Finder – from seam to needle

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The Groz-Beckert product portfolio in the field of sewing and shoe machine needles includes around 2,500 needle types. With such a wide range of products, it is not always easy to find the perfect sewing machine needle for every application. However, we strive to be a partner to our customers not only with a comprehensive and high-quality product range, but also with our range of services.

The result: the Needle Finder. It can be found in the Groz-Beckert Customer Portal Sewing, and provides needle recommendations based on specific application examples.

In this newsletter issue, we will present the Needle Finder in a little more detail.

From seam to needle – Find the right sewing needle for your product

Just an image A wide range of products can be manufactured from textiles and leather. A wide variety of sewing applications are used in this process. With the “Needle Finder”, Groz-Beckert offers an interactive tool to help you select the right needle.
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