News June 2023

A new measuring system: Optimized test execution in the Technical Center Felting

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Since 2017, the staple fiber needle punch line has been available in various configurations in our Technology and Development Center in Albstadt for customers and partners to carry out tests and for joint projects, both in the field of needle development and textile development. Groz-Beckert's own internal buildup of its process knowledge allows customers to reap the benefits of improved consulting and optimized products. Focus is also placed on optimization of customer products and processes.

This year, the plant was expanded with another element: a digital measuring system.

In this newsletter issue, you can find out how the new measuring system works and how it is helping to further optimize the test procedures in our Technical Center Felting

Just an image At the start of 2023, the plant in the Technical Center Felting of the Technology and Development Center was expanded: An online measuring system from Hammer IMS was installed.
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