News November 2021

Mono wire healds from Groz-Beckert: Optimized for application and environment

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Healds are one of the core components of the weaving process: No woven fabric can be created without them. Groz-Beckert has many different healds for a wide variety of applications in its range. Among them RONDOFIL- and Jacquard healds, which are usually made of two wires. Groz-Beckert provides them innovatively as mono wire healds made from one single wire. This offers numerous advantages for the process, end product and the environment.

In this issue of our newsletter, we would like to present how you can benefit from the use of Groz-Beckert mono wire healds and meet legal requirements such as REACH compliance.

Healds from Groz-Beckert

Just an image Mono wire healds from Groz-Beckert are REACH-compliant and also offer many other advantages that contribute to increased efficiency and high-quality woven fabrics.
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