News October 2015

ITMA 2015, Milan November 12-19

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Worker and doffer wires for nonwoven cards

contributing to more efficient performance and saving on raw materials

In the production of nonwovens, not only the properties of the nonwoven fabric are important: minimizing the use of fibers is also crucial for profitable nonwovens production, and this is achieved through homogeneous distribution of all the fibers inside the nonwoven. In combination with the highest production quality, this leads to enhanced efficiency and profitability. Come to the Groz-Beckert booth at the ITMA 2015 to see the benefits of the Groz-Beckert card clothing SiroLock® and EvoStep®.

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SiroLock® – for highest speeds in spunlace lines

SiroLock® is card clothing for worker and doffer wires with a unique step beneath the tooth tip. This means that SiroLock® prevents the dreaded loss of fiber control at high speeds. With the help of this step, fiber retention is greatly improved, and more fibers can be received and retained than with traditional wires. The resulting benefits are high productivity through higher speed, and more uniform product quality.

As a result, SiroLock® doffer wires enable faster line speed and a generally better web quality. SiroLock® workers achieve better blending of the fibers and prevent flying fibers at high speeds.

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for better web quality and raw material savings in needle punch lines

EvoStep® is card clothing for workers and doffers with optimized geometry on the tooth front below the tooth tip, which has a far sharper angle than that of the front.

The evolutionary EvoStep® geometry has up to 30% higher fiber take-up and retention capacity compared to conventional wires. The resulting higher fiber transmission on doffers protects against unnecessary fiber circulation on the cylinder, thus avoiding cylinder wire overload and fiber melt. On workers, EvoStep® reduces flying fibers and improves fiber blending.

This combination of benefits leads to better web quality and also saves on raw materials.

All these benefits can also be seen at the ITMA 2015 in Milan. The new product sector Carding is being represented there with two acrylic glass exhibits: a model of a short staple card and a nonwovens card. On the short staple card model metallic wires, flats, stationary flats and cleaning fillets will be presented. The model of the carding machine is equipped with the very latest card clothing for the nonwovens industry.

Would you like to find out more about the efficiency and functionality of Groz-Beckert card wires? The Groz-Beckert experts at the ITMA 2015 will be happy to assist!