News September 2016

ITMA Asia + CITME October 21-25, 2016

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Card clothing for the highest demands

– efficiency and cost-effectiveness as the engines of synthetic spinning

The trend is toward ever finer synthetic fibers and consumers welcome their features, but these fibers are difficult to work with. With doffer wire D40-30-52C CBF, Groz-Beckert has the answer to the challenge posed by synthetic spinning and other highly efficient card wire in the fair kit.

The times when the textile market worked only with natural fiber belong to the past. The reasons for this lie not only in amounts which the natural fiber market can no longer cover, but also in the growing demand for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. There is also a trend to finer man-made fibers and microfibers driven by the demand for special product features which can only be realized with these synthetic fibers. Come to the ITMA Asia and see the powerful D40-30-52C CBF card wire, Groz-Beckerts response to the demanding challenges posed by synthetic spinning.

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Synthetic doffer wire D40-30-52C CBF

for high production processing and better quality

Synthetic doffer wire D40-30-52C CBF features high tooth density and special geometry. It ensures very high and even fiber transfer from cylinder to doffing cylinder, thereby reducing the incidence of trailing fiber hooks. The combination of bent tooth shape and surface property of the doffer wire also creates a self-cleaning effect. In addition to higher yarn quality, Groz-Beckert customers thus also benefit from higher availability of the carding machine.

Thanks to the high-tensile carbon-steel material, the D40-30-52C CBF remains ready for use even when processing matted synthetic fibers. Find out at the ITMA Asia how you too can reap benefits of up to 30% by reducing yarn defects.

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EvoStep® and SiroLock®

unique card wires for unmistakable results

The road to optimum fiber processing is unique to each customer. Groz-Beckert offers a wide range of geometries, steel types and finishing treatments for specific support and advisory services. In order to safeguard this service moving forward, Groz-Beckert is looking to take on a leading role in introducing innovative products. EvoStep® and SiroLock® card clothing bear this out.

EvoStep® is a special card clothing for workers and doffers distinguished by a unique slanted step undercut on the front tooth. This step has a much more pronounced angle than the front angle of the wire itself. The resulting higher degree of fiber control significantly helps reduce raw materials and better distribute fiber in the web in order to achieve the desired web features.

Just an imageSiroLock®

While EvoStep® reduces the use of raw materials to a minimum, SiroLock® doffer and worker wires facilitate more cost-effective web production. The pronounced step below the tip of the tooth tip significantly improves fiber retention capacity. More fibers can be picked up and retained than with traditional card clothing. At the same time, it prevents loss of fiber control and enables high-speed processing.

Carding is Groz-Beckert's latest field of technology and will be represented at the ITMA Asia with a "glass" cotton card. This unique presentation provides you with a look at metallic wire and revolving tops, as well as stationary flats and cleaning fillets, from an entirely new perspective. Unique as well is the model of a "glass" carding machine, equipped with the latest card clothing for the nonwovens industry.

Visit the Groz-Beckert stand at the ITMA Asia and discover these and many other advantages of Groz-Beckert carding products. Do you have any questions on the carding process? The Groz-Beckert experts stand ready to serve you, also at the ITMA 2016. You can find more information at