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Preserve the established and drive forward innovations

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Just an imageBale opener in the Technical Center Carding for removing fiber bales

Groz-Beckert expands the Technical Center Carding

By expanding the Technical Center Carding with spinning technology, we have strengthened our areas of expertise in the Technology and Development Center (TEZ). The TEZ was founded in 2010 and provides space for testing, laboratory services and joint developments at the headquarters in Albstadt. Since July this year, the center has also been equipped with a spinning preparation with blow room and revolving flat card. As an independent card clothing manufacturer, we now have the option of testing card clothing.

The fibers are prepared for the carding process in the blow room, consisting of a pre-cleaner, mixer and fine cleaner. Both cotton and synthetic fibers can be processed here. This enables us to develop card clothing for a wide range of applications and to expand and improve the existing product range. In order to drive forward card clothing developments for the spinning industry, laboratory equipment is being added to the new Technology Center. The fiber values important for the spinning industry, such as neps, trash and fiber length, can be checked and conclusions made regarding the performance/principle of operation of the card clothing. This enables us to develop new products and to equip and supply you as the customer with the latest innovations.

Just an imageThe high-performance card in the Technical Center

The revolving flat card:

the heart of the spinning process

The quality of the yarn largely depends on the quality of the carding process. The optimal card clothing selection, in conjunction with the optimal card setting, guarantees a high fiber yield and prevents damage to the fibers. When opening fiber tufts to individual fibers, foreign particles are removed and neps are untangled or eliminated. Both factors are extremely important for the quality of the yarn.

The high-performance card as the heart of the Technology Center offers the option of testing new developments and innovations in the product range extensively. A constant climate, the necessary laboratory equipment essential for card clothing development and our Groz-Beckert experts create the ideal conditions for development.

In future, developments will take place in the area of the licker-in, the cylinder, the doffer as well as the stationary flats and revolving tops. As the customer, you benefit in the long-term from increased process reliability in the carding process, as well as optimized application advice.

Brief summary

By expanding the Technical Center Carding with spinning technology, Groz-Beckert will be optimally equipped to drive forward innovations and card clothing developments in the field of spinning in the future, to gain more know-how and to provide even better support and advise you in the future.

  • Did you know?

    Over its lifetime, a Groz-Beckert cylinder wire in the Ultra steel quality can produce enough yarn to manufacture over one million pairs of jeans.