Magazine April 2020

Resilience down to the smallest detail

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Just an imageInterlocking and plain rib wires in case of a crash

The coarsest metallic card clothing from Groz-Beckert, the interlocking 4 and 5 thread wires, cannot be compared with conventional card clothing. Their special feature is the large rib thickness of 5.08 mm (5 thread) and 6.35 mm (4 thread). This makes them the coarsest metallic card clothing in the Groz-Beckert product range and on the market as a whole. The thread number here shows how many rows the card clothing has per inch.

In the event of a crash caused by overloading, plain rib wires can cause major damage to the card. To avoid this where possible, the 4 and 5 thread card clothing is only available with an interlocking rib design. A plain rib wire could lead to further damage on the rollers of the card as a broken wire could unwind more easily. Interlocking wires have less tendency to spring open due to their rib design.

Just an imageJeans with rivets for recycling

Special card clothing for specific scopes of application

The special properties of the 4 and 5 thread wires make them the perfect tool in the areas of the textile industry where durability is required. For this reason, they are frequently used in the field of textile recycling. Here, large quantities of textiles must be processed down to the single fiber. Durability at high speeds is not only required when recycling hard-wearing and cut-proof textiles such as jeans; but also foreign parts such as buttons, zippers and rivets must not lead to overloading of the card clothing. Conventional card clothing is not suitable for this application and would lead to production downtimes.

Just an imageInterlocking 4 and 5 thread card clothing

The same applies for manufacturing cellulose fiber (including viscose). In this special application, tightly pressed raw materials must be torn apart and chopped up for fiber production. For this process, the 4 thread wire can be mounted on crushing rollers and must have an extremely durable tooth and rib to withstand damage or breakages. These damages would bring the system to a stop and result in machine downtime at the customer.

In addition to the usage in recycling, and the manufacturing of cellulose fibers, the coarsest card clothing offered by Groz-Beckert is also used in the processing of natural fibers such as flax. The quantities and properties of the fiber processed here, require extremely resilient and robust wires to guarantee optimal processing.

The use of the interlocking 5 thread wire is also recommended on the feed rollers and licker-ins of the roller top card. With this card clothing, a relatively thick fiber web can be controlled and the roller card can be fed evenly. Whether at the opening or the feed roll, the interlocking 4 and 5 thread wires, when used optimally, provide the ideal conditions for downstream carding.

Optimal service for challenging card clothing

When mounting the interlocking 4 and 5 thread wires, due to their extreme resilience, both patience and a service technician with extensive experience in handling these wires is required. Groz-Beckert service technicians are also specially trained for this challenging work. In combination with the right working tools, we offer reliable service quality and thus achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

  • Did you know?

    In order to mount an interlocking 4 thread card clothing from Groz-Beckert on a roller with a 200 mm diameter, enormous bending and contact pressure forces must be overcome. To exert this force, a person would have to use practically their entire body weight.