Magazine September 2010

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This is our third Online Newsletter, bringing you the very latest news and information. We hope you have a lot of pleasure reading it.

To begin with, some good news: In the wake of the global recession, business has continued to pick up in numerous sectors. The majority of our customers are reporting higher levels of orders received, and Groz-Beckert was also able to pick up steam during the fiscal year. Our joint task now is to ensure that this trend is emphatically continued.

Discover the world of Groz-Beckert - there's no better time to do so!

Groz-Beckert can look back on an eventful year. Together with our customers and partners we successfully picked up on new trends, initiated developments and made dynamic progress. Our Technology and Development Centre (TEZ), which is currently attracting a great deal of attention, played its part in this. Our customers and partners are showing great interest in the topics, possibilities and objectives associated with the TEZ. A central aspect here is the potential offered by technical textiles.

From medical technology to the motor car

In addition to classic applications in fashion, sport and recreation, technical textiles are becoming steadily more important as domestic textiles and floor coverings. They also can be found in application sectors as diverse as medical technology, architecture and mobility. Examples here include composite components for cars, yachts or aircraft.

The sheer amount of diversity that the world of technical textiles has to offer was illustrated recently by the magazine "Textile Revolution", published by the Forschungskuratorium Textil (Textile Research Board). The magazine contains fascinating reports on present and future textile-industry topics, ranging from the use of textiles for automatic parachutes to water catchment. The HofaSpec needle from Groz-Beckert is also featured in the section on knitting machines, with the article praising its intelligent design.

All the Best for the Rest of the Year

Now may I wish you a highly informative and enjoyable time with the third edition of our Online Newsletter. Your opinion is important to us. We welcome any praise or criticism from you, and look forward to a shared dialogue.
At this stage may I wish you all the best for the Christmas season, with relaxing holidays and a successful start to the New Year. The Groz-Beckert Online Newsletter will continue to accompany you in 2011 - with all the latest news from the textile world.