Magazine November 2011

Know more, work more efficiently – with the myGrozBeckert app!

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Know more, work more efficiently –with myGrozBeckert App

It's the simple and comfortable way to access comprehensive information about everything to do with Groz-Beckert. Gain access to technical details and benefit from smart calculation aids. Always stay completely up to date with films and brochures! It's all really simple – with the new app myGrozBeckert for the iPad.

The myGrozBeckert app is brand new and was first presented at the ITMA in Barcelona in September. Tailored to the requirements of users in the textile industry, it offers a unique range of services in German and English.
At the heart of myGrozBeckert are the intelligent conversion and calculation programmes for all textile surface production methods and sewing processes. Even the free basic version contains not only a great deal of technical information but also a conversion tool for yarn gauges and fibre gauges. With the "Toolbox", which can be downloaded additionally at the price of 2.39 Euro, several more applications are available. You can find out more about the different functions of the Toolbox – and your benefits – under the different product headings.

In addition to tips and tricks for the textile industry, the myGrozBeckert app also provides a great deal of information about Groz-Beckert, its worldwide contact partners and the Technology and Development Center (TEZ). Videos and brochures provide information on important Groz-Beckert innovations, the company's commitment to sustainability, and many more fascinating topics. You'll always be completely in the picture – because all the information material is automatically updated the entire time!