Magazine September 2014

Focus on the textile world: from DIY to road building

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In times of increasingly intense global competition, maintaining a competitive lead in the textile production process is a key argument. Here, Groz-Beckert can offer benefits in all kinds of ways, as proven by the company's trade show presence at the ITMA ASIA + CITME 2014 in Shanghai in July. It's not only at trade shows that Groz-Beckert knows how to impress its customers, however. This edition of the Groz-Beckert Magazine introduces customers who rely on Groz-Beckert products for whatever reason, and shows why it makes sense to do so in every technology across the textile value chain.

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Technological transparency

Making the advantages of higher productivity visible has always been a priority at Groz-Beckert: Product benefits and the technological background are always clearly shown. The ITMA ASIA + CITME 2014, held from June 16 to 20, was no exception here: Two sensational exhibits there were the TexCar, with its exposed textile elements, and two transparent textile machines made from glass.

This transparency, revealing the clearly advanced know-how that distinguishes every Groz-Beckert product, certainly appealed to the public: Around 7,000 people took the opportunity to visit the booth in Shanghai and personally gain an impression of the possibilities offered by Groz-Beckert where improvement of many aspects of textile production is concerned.

Textile trends – Breakthrough in China

The April issue of the Groz-Beckert Magazine showed how the nonwovens industry in China is currently booming. We continue with that topic in this issue: China's "Go West" strategy is making demand for geotextiles almost explode. At the same time, however, the requirements placed on the quality of these nonwovens are becoming stricter – so any supplier who places a high priority on quality during production will be at a considerable advantage in the future.

The same applies to a completely different sector, currently undergoing a boom primarily because of internet sales: handicraft and the manufacture of highly individual clothing. Here, high-quality production is more important than ever, which is why more private customers than ever before are relying on Groz-Beckert products.

Several professionals are ahead of the market sometimes, also thanks to Groz-Beckert products. One of them is the Heytex group. A high level of innovation and expertise with technical fabrics has brought them success in sectors ranging from textile construction to biogas membranes. The Lonati Group is no less successful: It relies on Groz-Beckert products for the original equipment of its circular knitting machines under the brand names Lonati and Santoni.

Groz-Beckert's own Technical Center for tufting shows just how effectively the company can support its customers in the testing of new material and tool combinations. At the Raesfeld (Germany) site, customers can carry out tests together with Groz-Beckert experts on a specially acquired machine, and can also rely on a wide range of services ranging from consulting and correct needle selection to error analysis and intensive basic training.