Magazine July 2015

Focus on the textile world: from batteries to artificial turf

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Excellence in textile production depends on a lot of factors. In addition to the materials used, it is also very important to carefully match the means of production with the desired end product. As a partner along the entire textile value chain, Groz-Beckert sets new standards here: Steady further development is assured by the company's comprehensive expertise in specific technologies combined with its awareness of what lies beyond their boundaries. At the Techtextil and Texprocess 2015 in Frankfurt am Main (Germany), Groz-Beckert demonstrated how this holistic approach to textile production can trigger important synergies between technologies. And with Groz-Beckert's recent acquisition of the carding activities of the Belgian Bekaert Group, the company's competence continues to grow.

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Techtextil and Texprocess 2015

Requirements placed on the manufacture of technical textiles have grown enormously in recent years – especially since the materials used make high demands on production. Anyone who wants to retain their lead here and reach the next level in terms of quality and efficiency has to be able to rely on the right means of production and the right services. At its booth at the Techtextil and Texprocess, held in Frankfurt am Main from May 4 to 7, 2015, Groz-Beckert proved just that. From the finest gauges in the large diameter circular knitting sector and skillful production of filter felts to broad customer support in the sewing process, Groz-Beckert demonstrated its comprehensive expertise along the entire textile value chain with some practical examples.

Just being good isn't good enough

Details that seem almost insignificant can have a huge effect on success in textile production. This edition shows how true that is in several different sectors: Selection of the right weaving accessories, for instance, not only determines the quality of the fabric, but also has an influence on productivity. Successful finishing of woven and knitted fabrics in the sewing process is another crucial step on the way to the end product, making the difference between "good" and "excellent."
Selection of the right sinkers also requires a great deal of expertise, because they have a significant influence on knitting results. Protection of the thread while maintaining accuracy when guiding it sets the standards where fine gauges are concerned. The different types and uses of artificial turf are also enormously varied, so selection of the right needle here is essential to achieve an optimum end result. Nonwovens also need to be manufactured with precision and consistently high quality so that they comply with the constantly increasing demands being placed on the production of advanced battery systems.

Groz-Beckert Carding

Having an eye for detail as well as the big picture – that's what brings success. Groz-Beckert has expanded its product and service portfolio with the addition of carding as a technology, so the company's expertise has now been enhanced by a key process in textile production. This will benefit all of Groz-Beckert's customers, because this additional expertise is driving additional impetus for progress across all technologies.

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