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Just an image

Not all knitting is the same.

Sock knitting in particular differs from the large circular knitting and bodysize segments in various aspects: The electronic needle selection, the loop transfer, the pendulum motion of the cylinder and the programming of the patterns are just a few examples of these differences. A good reason to give this specialist topic its own course in the Groz-Beckert Academy.

Get a general overview of sock knitting technology and find out more about the structure and technical characteristics of sock knitting machines in the theoretical part. Learn more about the corresponding needles and tools and program your own sock knitting pattern, which you can then produce in the practical part of the course on the in-house single-cylinder sock knitting machine Lonati Goal GK616F "SbyS" (stitch by stitch). You will also learn about the function and handling of the machines and the SbyS equipment for automatic closing of the point.

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