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Welcome to the Groz-Beckert Academy

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Textile trainings at the Groz-Beckert Academy

Founded in 1852, the range of services offered by Groz-Beckert now includes products along the entire textile value chain. As a partner to leading textile machine builders and users, Groz-Beckert also offers many services to support you as a partner in the world of textiles. They range from targeted application advice and laboratory services to production of small and special series, rounded off by the Groz-Beckert Academy.

Whether knitting, warp knitting, weaving, felting, tufting, carding or sewing – the Groz-Beckert Academy offers a comprehensive training program which covers the most important textile-production and joining methods. With a combination of practice and theory, our experienced trainers pass on expert knowledge and know-how. This ensures that you are optimally equipped for your tasks in the textile world.

The Technology and Development Center (TEZ) was officially opened at the headquarters in Albstadt in July 2010. Over a usable space of around 25,000 m2, it provides Groz-Beckert with the preconditions required to design the future of textiles together with machine builders, users and partners.

The Groz-Beckert Academy and its users also benefit from the TEZ, as it offers a wide range of opportunities for designing the future of textiles – not least as a location to hold the Academy courses. You can find out more on our Website or in the brochure on the training program 2018.