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Groz-Beckert at ITMA Asia + CITME 2021

Just an image

Just an image

Virtual booth

At our virtual booth you will find the exhibits from the individual product areas – just like at the booth on site. You can move freely through the three-dimensional space and view the exhibits in detail. You can either "stroll" around the booth on your own or along with a Groz-Beckert employee who can give you more detailed information.

In the center of the virtual booth you will find a miniature view of our booth in Shanghai. There you can watch a video of what is happening on site and a video about the Groz-Beckert Experience, another exciting digital service from Groz-Beckert.

Besides the exhibits from the individual product areas, our virtual booth naturally includes another very popular area from past exhibitions: The bar. It is the central meeting place where you can exchange ideas with Groz-Beckert employees or other visitors.

We will be pleased if you want to make an appointment for a meeting at our virtual booth. Just get in touch with your personal Groz-Beckert contact. Of course, you can also explore the booth on your own.

To visit the virtual booth, free prior registration is required. To register, please click the button below. With your personal access data you will then be able to visit our virtual booth on all days of the exhibition.

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Further information on our virtual booth is also available on our website.