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GEBR. RÖDERS AG – A Modern Company with a Long Tradition

  • History

    • 1851: Wool felt production begins. The company is still a department of Carl Breiding & Sohn
    • 1922: The company becomes independent, and also gains its present-day name. Business activities focus on the production of high-quality wool felts
    • 1966: The production range is extended with the manufacture of needle felts
    • 1972: Filter-felt production begins
    • 1986: Patent for production of liners made from needle felt for cured-in-place pipes

GEBR. RÖDERS AG was one of the first production companies in the industry to be certified to DIN EN ISO 9001. Continuous investments in plant and equipment, combined with the permanent training and further qualification of employees, form the basis for high-quality, market-focused products. In the company's own laboratory, manufactured goods are thoroughly examined, new developments are pursued, and tests are also carried out on behalf of customers.

Protection of the environment also has a high priority at GEBR. RÖDERS AG. Natural products are manufactured, and the company's entire power supply has switched to renewable energies. All products are today manufactured exclusively using 100% hydroelectric power, and thus absolutely free of CO2.



    are tailormade solutions for CIPP (Cured-In-Place Pipes). For this, needle felt liners made from different materials and with various types of coating are placed inside the pipe and hardened there. The damaged pipe is thus reliably rehabilitated. Liners can be produced in such a way that pipes with differing diameters can be rehabilitated in one operation. They are used in pressurized or non-pressurized pipelines with profiles of all kinds.


    • Liners for the inversion method with specially adapted coatings


    • Liners for the pull-in method with perfectly coordinated calibrator liner system


    • Liners for rehabilitation of pressure pipelines


    • Liners for high load-bearing capacity and pipe static


    • Curve-compliant liners for rehabilitation of pipes all over the home


    • Unique liners for intelligent 2-in-1 pipe rehabilitation


    • Top-hat and T-profiles for the rehabilitation of side connections


    • Needle felts with or without coating


    contains needle felts for technical applications. The range includes different thicknesses, densities and degrees of hardness, from "cotton-soft" to "board-hard". The felt gains its versatile properties from the use of different fiber materials. Additional equipment enables a large variety of possible applications.

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    are filter media for industrial use with the highest requirements. These media are used to separate aerosols or solids from gases. Whether for product filtration or de-dusting exhaust air, GEBR. RÖDERS AG offers a broad range of different filter media, including pleatable filters, media especially adapted to CIP filters (Cleaning in Place), filters for fine dust filtration and also for the avoidance of electrostatic charges. Furthermore the filter media can be refined by coatings or additional equipment in order to, for example, achieve hydrophobic and oleophobic properties - or equipped with PTFE (Teflon®) or NANO technology. Wherever there is a danger of flying sparks, special fibres or liners are used that safely prevent perforation burning.

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    are filter media for the filtration of solids from liquids. They are used, for example, in the filtration of oils, fuels, chemicals or process waste-water, and are also used as filter candles, filter bags, filter sacks, etc. as well as filter cloths in filter presses.

    All filter media of GEBR. RÖDERS AG are optimally tailored to customer requirements.

    • FUTUR: PTFE coating for combination of fine dust filtration with high air permeability
    • AGLA-TF: Fine-dust filter with PTFE equipment
    • NANO: Nanotechnology to improve efficiency
    • Ultra-fine fibers for improved fine-dust removal
    • Water-repellent filters - also especially designed for equipment that comes into contact with foodstuffs
    • Pleatable filter media for heavy-duty operation

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    are filter media for the filtration of solids from hot gases over 150°C (= hot-gas filtration). These filters require temperature-resistant fibers such as m-Aramid or melamine. They can be adapted to the required application properties by means of coatings, and can also be antistatic.


    are wool felts for areas of application that are creative but also technically demanding. They serve as the basic material for a large number of products in many sectors including the automotive industry, the mechanical engineering industry, the electrical, packaging, shoe and steel production industries, in design, in architecture - and also in the production of musical instruments.

For wool felts, various types of filter are available in order to achieve flame-retardant, water-repellent or anti-slip properties. GEBR. RÖDERS AG offers a broad range of state-of-the-art products, manufactured according to the highest quality standards - and thus combines tradition with innovation. It is here that Groz-Beckert, with its products and services, guarantees suitable support.

  • Contact

    GEBR. RÖDERS AG, Soltau
    Marktstrasse 19, D-29614 Soltau
    Postfach 1453, D-29604 Soltau

    Telephone: +49 05191 / 604-0

    Fax: +49 05191 / 604-26