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Focus on the textile world: from DIY to road building

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Lonati and Santoni confide in needles from Groz-Beckert

With an eye-catching recommendation on products and in print and online media, the two Italian machine builders advert to knitting machine needles made by Groz-Beckert. A statement that Groz-Beckert proudly attributes to the high quality of its products. While the Lonati S.p.A. is leader in the field of circular knitting machines for socks and pantyhose, the Santoni S.p.A. dominates the worldwide market of seamless body size machines. Both companies with a long-standing tradition are members of the prestigious LONATI group.

Tradition meets fashion

There is surely no better way to describe the two Groz-Beckert OEM customers Lonati and Santoni. Originally coming from the sector of hosiery machines, both companies look back on a long company history and many years of experience in mechanical and electronic textile machine technology. Under the umbrella of the Lonati group of companies, both machine builders established their individual position with their own production ranges.

Just an imageLonati company grounds in Brescia (Italy)

The Lonati S.p.A. produces some 14,000 machines per year composing of more than 50 different models. The Italian company exports some 60 percent to growth markets like China and Turkey. But also traditional markets like North and South America, Europe and parts of Africa are supplied by the specialist. The product portfolio of Lonati includes pantyhose and sock machines, single cylinder machines, double cylinder machines, and knitting machines for medical applications.

By the acquisition of the Santoni S.p.A., the LONATI group secured another specialist. With a market share of over 95 percent, Santoni is the worldwide leader in the field of seamless body size machines. The increasing technical requirements from the world of fashion continuously face the machine builder with challenges. Large and small diameter circular knitting machines as well as making-up machines complement the product range of the company with locations in Italy and China.

Quality is the name of the game

The focus of LONATI is on the functionality, safety, and reliability of their knitting machines. The production, especially of fine fabrics, puts highest requirements on machine technology and knitting elements. For suppliers the same high quality standards apply as for their own resources. In terms of needle selection, Lonati and Santoni rely on Groz-Beckert quality.

Just an imageVo-LC™ under the microscope in comparison to a human hair

The top sellers in terms of original equipment are the needle families Hofa-Spec. for pantyhose machines, Vo-LC™ for seamless body size machines, and Vo-LS/Vo-LS-LC™ for large diameter circular knitting machines.

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On the basis of the quality perception of both business partners, the machines of Lonati and Santoni now bear a plate emphasizing their confidence in Groz-Beckert needles.

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To help customers with the subsequent needle selection, further information can be found on the companies' websites (,, and on printed product information leaflets.

Shaping the textile future together

The product recommendation of the two Italian machine builders is no accident. Groz-Beckert and the LONATI group look back on many years of successful cooperation.
One example of a successful common project is the patented Atlas E90 system. With the development of the single jersey circular knitting cylinder in gauge E90 the Groz-Beckert Technology and Development Center set a milestone together with Santoni. 8,472 needles distributed on a diameter of 30 inch speak for themselves. Without doubt, this has not been the last record-breaking joint project. Common plans in terms of market-ready innovations, efficiency increases and new potentials within the textile value chain are already under way.

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