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New sinker generation – Groz-Beckert sets the standard

More than 160 years ago the first Groz-Beckert needle came into the market. Ever since, the name has stood for high quality industrial needles. Still today Groz-Beckert is the benchmark but not only for needles. As a supplier of systems the company is dedicated to the production of top quality products with strict tolerances – the precondition for a smooth interaction of the needles, system parts, and knitting cylinder. Now the new sinker generation is one step ahead. It provides a long service life and impeccable knitting results with a convincing price-performance ratio.

What is new and what are the characteristics of the sink

Just an imageSNK 35.31-15 G 6 – most popular sinker in Asia

The secret lies in the combination. A first class steel quality, optimum edge rounding, straightness, precision and dimensional stability are given standards for Groz-Beckert. But it is the synchronization of all technical properties that makes the sinkers unique. The most popular sinker in Asia is our type SNK 35.31-15 G 6. This high performance sinker is mainly used in gauges E20–E28.

Just an imageSNK-OL 46.20 G 16 – example of a spot-hardened sinker

For extreme conditions in the knitting process sinkers with local hardness at the yarn-impact areas are recommended. The decisive factor here is the right balance between base hardness and local wear protection. These sinkers can be identified by the letters "OL" in their designation, like SNK-OL 46.20 G 16. Particularly suitable for challenging requirements, these sinkers provide a uniform loop structure for an even longer period.

Easy handling – packing, transport, storing

It is not always just the "inner values" that count – the intelligent packing solution for sinkers completes the overall package.

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Its peculiarity? At the upper edge of the butt the sinker has a cut-out. An elastic retainer is inserted into this cut-out, holding the sinker package securely together during transport and storing. The sinkers are packaged in parallel position and do not have to be lined up in a time-consuming operation before use. For storing or cleaning the sinkers can be easily bundled again with this solution.

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Perfect team play – also in knitting

Can a single player of a team win a match? What system and what tactic decides between victory and defeat? Team play is the key to success – also in knitting.

The greatest benefit in the knitting process is achieved only if the yarn, machine, needles, system parts, and further elements are perfectly matched. Therefore, Groz-Beckert incorporates precision, dimensional stability with strict tolerances. The smooth interaction of the individual components not only ensures a long service life of the knitting elements and maximum productivity, but also guarantees uniform loops and a trouble-free knitting process. With such a "team selection" any kind of challenge can be handled easily.

Machine builders and knitters all over the world confide in Groz-Beckert as development partner and supplier of quality products. Based on this cooperation, Groz-Beckert continually develops its range of sinkers.

Needles and sinkers as an attractive package

To the needle belongs the corresponding sinker. Getting both from one source pays off for Groz-Beckert customers: Buying needles and sinkers as package has a clear price advantage over buying items separately. Packages of matching needles and sinkers are available for single jersey, high-pile, hosiery and seamless bodysize machines.

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