News September 2016

ITMA Asia + CITME October 21-25, 2016

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Novelties and the tried-and-true for knitting

With a combination of novelties and the tried-and-true for knitting, Groz-Beckert awaits you with innovative insights into the world of productivity and profitability at the ITMA Asia + CITME 2016.

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Innovation litespeed® plus

The presentation of the new litespeed® needle is a real highlight in the field of circular knitting. Come see the optimized needle geometry and find out how you can not only lower machine temperature with the litespeed® plus, but also reduce oil consumption and increase energy savings by 20 percent.

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Transparent variety

Three knitting machines made of plexiglass will make an experience of the Groz-Beckert world of products. The ITMA Asia 2014 boasted our first transparent exhibit: the glass circular knitting machine presenting 14 different knitting technologies, including jacquard technology, bodysize and single jersey, as well as a cylinder gauge gradient from E10 to E50.

Newly added are transparent exhibits of flat and warp knitting, also sure to attract attention.

Also the glass flat knitting machine is equipped with needles of various technologies, from simple flat knitting needles to needles for technical applications which must withstand powerful forces. Patterns of cloth from different materials illustrate the performance of our products.

On the glass warp knitter, Groz-Beckert first presented the expansion of its product range by warp knitting modules in 2015 at the ITMA in Milan. In the meantime, closer needle, guide needle and sinker modules featuring high precision have become established in our product line.

Pay us a visit at the fair stand and see the quality of our products for yourself. Our machine exhibits give you the opportunity to focus in detail on individual elements. We would be glad to inform you in a face-to-face talk, and look forward to seeing you.