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The textile world at a glance: From litespeed® plus to dur

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litespeed® plus – from innovation to efficiency

litespeed® plus was first presented at ITMA Milan in November 2015 and to a wider audience in the following Newsletter in December 2015. Since then, the litespeed® plus product portfolio has continually been expanded with more and more needle types being offered in the litespeed® plus version. But how do the needles measure up in the field? Groz-Beckert has talked to customers in Turkey who have been testing litespeed® plus needles to find out just that.

Just an imageGeometry of the shank reduced on both sides

Exceptional needle geometry

The special feature of the litespeed® plus needle is the partial reduction on both sides of its needle shank. This design leads to a minimization of friction in the needle trick and a better distribution of the oil, which in turn results in lower energy consumption and reduced machine temperature. Thus, large circular knitting machines that are equipped with litespeed® plus needles can efficiently be used at maximum machine speeds while saving money, time and protecting the environment.

ORDU TEKSTİL's feedback on litespeed® plus

"We faced no handling difficulty while inserting the needles into the cylinder or at the start of fabric knitting. We reached the same production amount with one set of needles as we used to reach with the LS needle set (Vo-LS 93.41 G 003 - G 004). We can also confirm that the LS+ needles (LS+ 93.41 G 003 - G 004) reduce the working temperature and energy consumption of the machine."

ORDU TEKSTİL is a company based in Istanbul that provides comprehensive services in the textile sector, such as knitting, dyeing, finishing and printing fabrics. In addition to producing and selling domestically in Turkey, they also export overseas.

IŞIL TEKSTİL reports throughout positive results

"We tested the newly developed LS+ needles in our production: LS+ 141.41 G 001 - G 003 needles on Pailung machines, LS+ 90.41 G 0016 on Mayer & Cie. Relanit machines. On Relanit machines, when we measured the energy consumption and machine temperature with LS+ 90.41 G 0016 needles, we confirmed an 8% reduction on energy consumption and a 9─10% reduction on machine temperature compared to the needles Vo 90.41 G 0016.

We used to have problems with high machine temperature at high working speeds on Pailung machines. With LS+ needles we were able to reduce the machine temperature around 10%. Additionally, we measured a 6─8% reduction on energy consumption.

Furthermore, we were able to increase the time between maintenance / machine cleaning intervals. Before, we had to clean the machines every 30 days of working but now, with LS+ needles, we could increase this time to 50─60 days. We as a company pay attention to this topic, so that's why we monitored it specifically and very closely on both test machines. The result has been very positive and advantageous for us."

IŞIL TEKSTİL is a leading, fully integrated company situated in Istanbul. Its portfolio includes spinning, knitting, dyeing, printing and finishing. Its factories comprise an area of 100,000 m2 , including 200 circular knitting machines with a capacity of 20,000 tons/year. This is made possible by a comprehensive quality management system and by employing the latest technologies.

ALTIN ÖRME's experiences with litespeed® plus

"During the testing of LS+ 139.41 G 0021 - G 0023 in comparison with Vo-LS 139.41 G 0021 - G 0023 needles under identical conditions, we measured a 15─16% reduction in machine temperature and a 9─10% reduction of energy consumption with LS+ needles. We are still using these LS+ needles and will prefer LS+ needles in the future."

ALTIN ÖRME MAK. is a well-known and favored commission knitter from Istanbul. Its sister company VAHTED TEKSTİL MAKİNA is one of the biggest spare part suppliers for circular knitting machines in Turkey.

EKOTEN TEKSTİL confirms beneficial effect of litespeed®

"We measured together a 15% reduction in energy consumption and a 10% reduction in machine temperature by using the LS+ needles which were provided for testing. We didn't face any problem during the working time with LS+ needles. There was also no change in the maintenance/cleaning frequency for the machine."

EKOTEN TEKSTİL is a leading enterprise in regard of both utilizing the latest technologies and research and development activities. In their factory of 17,500 m2 they produce around the clock, reaching a capacity of 60 tons/day. One of their principle objectives is to follow up on technological developments in order to increase efficiency and achieve a sustainable and environmentally-friendly production.

See it for yourself

Are you interested in benefitting from the advantages of the litespeed® plus needle? Your personal contact partner will be happy to advise you which needle types are available in litespeed® plus versions. Furthermore, we will gladly come to your company and assist you in conducting tests so you can see the advantages of the litespeed® plus needle for yourself.

  • Did you know this?

    Not only does the shank reduction of our litespeed® plus needle require the highest precision, but also the latch of the finest current needle, used in E80 and E90 machines, is proof of excellence. Its latch shank is as fine as a human hair.