News September 2018

ITMA Asia + CITME October 15–19, 2018

Just an image

The art is in the detail

All needles are the same? Material is just material? Textiles are just textiles? By no means! At ITMA Asia + CITME 2018, Groz-Beckert is proving once again that the art is in the detail.

The secret lies in the know-how

For 166 years, customers have been relying on Groz-Beckert, not only because our products are refined down to the smallest detail and help them to set themselves apart from their competition, but also because we offer an extensive portfolio where individual components work together to help prevent disruptions in production for the customer as far as possible.

Just an imagelitespeed® plus in comparison

But how do the products fare in the cost-benefit comparison? And what about environmental aspects? It goes without saying that Groz-Beckert also places great importance on these aspects.

One good example here is the special needle shank geometry of the litespeed® plus needle. The reduction of the needle shank thickness on both sides reduces the friction in the needle trick, thus lowering the energy consumption and the machine temperature. See the litespeed® plus needle for yourself at the Groz-Beckert booth – in direct comparison with the litespeed® needle and competitor needles.

A further highlight presented by the product group Circular Knitting is the chrome-plated needle. Thanks to its chrome-plated hook, the lifetime of the needle can be significantly increased, for example when using abrasive yarns.

In the product group Legwear, the focus is on the variety of our ever growing range of needles and matching system parts. The precise interplay between the individual components is presented vividly at our booth by the example of different knitting types.

The manufacture of compound needles also requires maximum precision, as the needle and closer part must mesh precisely, yet must be able to move independently of each other. In the flat knitting sector, these needles are used to achieve finer gauges and to produce fully fashioned articles and complete items.

Our warp knitting customers are also well aware that not all needles are the same. Loose, as well as in modules – original Groz-Beckert needles and system parts are in a class of their own on the market. They form the basis for long lifetimes and a uniform loop structure.

Groz-Beckert at ITMA Asia + CITME 2018

Have we aroused your curiosity? See the innovative litespeed® plus needles in action. Experience the perfect interplay between the system parts and needles in the flat knitting machine, which makes even the most challenging patterns possible thanks to the precise transfer. Follow the process of creating a warp-knitted fabric and the loop formation with extremely fine gauges on the sock machine.

Visit Groz-Beckert at ITMA Asia + CITME in Hall 4, Booth D25.