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Innovation Inside and Out –

Groz-Beckert Needle Packaging

What does the user of a sewing-machine needle look for in the product's packaging? Groz-Beckert turned its attention to this question, and has developed a package that satisfies daily requirements. With its patented needle packaging, Groz-Beckert is setting new standards in design, use and sustainability. The objective worldwide is to offer customers optimal value added.

Optimal value added for the user

In the tough everyday world of industry, Groz-Beckert offers its customers double protection and safety through its packaging:

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The patented modular system for the 10-pack unit guarantees not only secure and protected storage and transport for each individual sewing-machine needle but also rapid and safe removal of the needle itself. Each of the five flaps releases two sewing-machine needles on opening and can be closed again at any time. This makes the problem of needles falling out a thing of the past.

The barcode printed on the cardboard box simplifies storage. The specially developed Groz-Beckert colour-coding system makes it possible to easily implement the required processing safety in the actual application. In a world increasingly fraught with product piracy, Groz-Beckert packaging offers the customer additional security and also improves product recognisability. Further information on Groz-Beckert sewing machine needle packaging can be found in the Data sheet "Packaging".

The importance of sustainability

Groz-Beckert needle packaging - a clear response to the latest and most important requirements and questions from users in the sewing industry:

  • The packaging is biocompatible and contains no substances that could be harmful to health or negatively affect the environment.
  • Groz-Beckert is environmentally certified to DIN EN ISO 14001.
  • The packaging contains no dangerous substances as listed by the German Hazardous Substances Ordinance. Moreover, the entire portfolio conforms to ROHS and REACH.
  • The packaging is environmentally neutral and reusable; it can also be thermally utilised.