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Preserving Partnerships

Authorised Distribution Partners

Groz-Beckert has a worldwide network of sales subsidiaries, exclusive representations and committed distribution partners. This is the only way to satisfy the requirements of customers worldwide regarding delivery service and technical support. Careful selection, training and certification of distribution partners form the basis of a high-quality distribution structure and protect customers from product piracy.

Targeted protection from product piracy

The growing presence of Groz-Beckert sewing-machine needles in the sewing industry worldwide is also attracting plagiarists. Although forgeries of Groz-Beckert sewing-machine needles are recognisable in most cases from the packaging, they still lead to uncertainty among customers. The danger of being tricked into using pirated products is always present.

Since the manufacturers of illegal copies can hardly ever be brought to book, Groz-Beckert will do all it can to protect Groz-Beckert customers as well as the company itself from product piracy.

Groz-Beckert is relying on three main cornerstones here:

  • The effort made by all Groz-Beckert employees to continuously improve and further develop products, in order to maintain the company's quality lead.
  • The packaging for Groz-Beckert sewing-machine needles, which is unique and extremely difficult to copy.
  • Certification and continuous testing of Groz-Beckert distribution partners.

Certification means security

When selecting its distribution partners, Groz-Beckert makes use of a specially conceived and detailed requirements profile.

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Only when a certain amount of individual criteria have been met does the distributor receive the Groz-Beckert certificate proving that he is an authorised distribution partner. The certificate has a maximum validity of two years, which is why a further test and evaluation has to be carried out within 24 months at the latest. Professionalism, organisation, service efficiency, motivation, a readiness to serve and loyalty are all distinctive features of the company's authorised distribution partners.

Groz-Beckert places its trust in these companies, thus providing users and customers with trustworthy partners where sewing-machine needles are concerned - partners who give them the security of knowing that they have original products as well as the most expert consulting available.