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Special Application Needle SAN 10

Perfect processing of fine knitted and woven fabrics

Having trouble with material damage and seam puckering? Are skipped stitches reducing your product quality, or thread and needle breakages minimizing your productivity? Then test out the Groz-Beckert SAN® 10 needle, and get to know its benefits!

Regardless of whether you process sewing material that harbours a high risk of material damage, or extremely sensitive sewing material that can only be processed at reduced speeds and with ultra-thin needles - the powerful SAN® 10 needle will convince you in all kinds of different needle systems! Moreover, bulk yarns, elastic yarns and multi-needle machines are no problem for the SAN® 10!

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Why SAN® 10?

Ever finer materials are being processed ever more finely. Especially in the recreational and functional apparel sector, end-users have almost every wish fulfilled. The focus is on elegance and aesthetics as well as compatibility and wearer comfort. Increased demands made on the seams and their design lead automatically to new requirements being placed on the needles.

To ensure a perfect and reliable processing of fine materials, Groz-Beckert has consistently further developed the special applications needle for sewing applications SAN® 10.

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What makes the SAN® 10 distinctive?

The geometry of the SAN® 10 sewing-machine needle is especially adapted to be gentle on fine and hard-to-sew materials and sewing threads. Even in its thinnest versions, the SAN® 10 features higher stability, and its large eye facilitates smooth and secure operation during the processing of bulk yarn.

Just an imageNo visible material damage – thanks to the SAN® 10

In relation to the pointed shape, too, the SAN® 10 with its slightly rounded tip is adapted to materials that are complex to process. The material can be protected in most cases by making the needle slightly thinner. Damage to the material is either reduced or dispensed with altogether.

While with conventional models the stability tends to decline automatically when needles get thinner, the SAN® 10 offers highly impressive properties. It guarantees not only outstanding gentleness on the material and less faulty stitches but also means lower needle breakage because of its increased stability.

What makes the SAN® 10 successful?

  • High seam quality
  • High processing reliability
  • Reduction of costs
  • Increase in quality
  • Support with sewing problems

The advantages speak for themselves. As a result, the SAN® 10 is already successfully established on the market. For many Groz-Beckert customers it is already quite indispensable.