Magazine November 2011

Know more, work more efficiently – with the myGrozBeckert app!

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myGrozBeckert – Your value-added all around sewing

Do you want to convert yarn gauges and compare point designations? Do you want a transparent comparison of needle sizes and recommendations for the optimal needle thickness for sewing threads? With the myGrozBeckert app and the Toolbox, you'll have all your options open!

Along with all kinds of general information, constantly updated films and numerous brochures, the "yarn gauge converter" tool is a part of the free myGrozBeckert basic app.

All other functions can be further enhanced at any time using the additional "Toolbox" app. Activation of the entire Toolbox costs a mere one-off charge of 2.39 Euro. There are no other obligations.

Functions of the Toolbox

Conversion of yarn gauges:

Whether tex, Ne, Nm, Td or dtex, it's never been simpler to convert yarn gauges into other units of measurement.

Comparison of point designations:

Keep your overview of the market and find out which needle point is especially suitable for your application.

Needle sizes comparison table:

Determine the needle sizes of manufacturers and systems customarily found on the market – and find out which Groz-Beckert needle sizes are available in the unit you require.

Needle sizes recommendations for sewing threads:

You decide on the needle sizes that are ideal for dsyour sewing threads – thereby optimising your production.

Available from the Apple Store

You can download the myGrozBeckert app here. Don't miss this opportunity!

If you have any feedback about the app, Groz-Beckert will be happy to hear it at