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ITMA Asia + CITME October 15–19, 2018

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Proven quality from Groz-Beckert for needles

– one of the most important parts of the sewing machine

A sewing machine without a needle is like a car without an engine. Because, without a needle, the sewing machine can not sew. They have an essential task in the sewing process: It penetrates the materials to be joined, guides the thread through and thus joins the item to be sewn together. Stitches are formed between the needle and looper and needle and spooled thread.
At ITMA Asia + CITME 2018, you can experience this special joining process live and see how the stitch formation works in detail. Our experts will advise you on the individual advantages available to you with the proven quality of Groz-Beckert sewing machine needles for lasting improvements in your sewing process.

Different types of stitch formation

Sewing is the joining of material by a seam. Seams can be created in different ways; i.e. with different types of stitch formation. The individual stitch types vary in the geometric arrangement of the threads and, according to 61400 or ISO 4916, are classified into six basic forms:

Class 100: Single-thread chain stitch
Class 200: Single-thread lockstitch
Class 300: Double-thread lockstitch
Class 400: Double-thread chain stitch
Class 500: Overlock stitch
Class 600: Cover stitch

Live: Stitch type 605

Just an imageExcerpt from the animation for stitch type 605

There will be a unique opportunity to experience the stitch type 605 at ITMA Asia 2018: At the Groz-Beckert booth, you can experience the interplay between machine, needle and thread in a fascinating animation, as well as an acrylic replica of a sewing machine.

Can't take up our invitation to visit the Groz-Beckert booth at ITMA Asia? The animation for the type 605 stitch formation, along with other animations for stitch types 301, 401 and 504, are also available in our Customer Portal.

Proven quality from Groz-Beckert

Sewing machine needles have formed part of Groz-Beckert's product range for over 35 years. To guarantee an optimal interplay between machine, thread and needle for the stitch formation, Groz-Beckert sewing machine needles are always manufactured with state-of-the-art technology and maximum precision. Whether for standard applications or applications with special requirements – at ITMA Asia 2018, you can discover which sewing machine needles from Groz-Beckert can help you produce perfect seams.