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Our commitment: To offer the right needle for every seam

The variety of available materials is immense: From the finest knitted goods to the thickest leather. Everyone places different requirements on the sewing process. The individual sewing applications also have their own special features. To ensure that we can offer the right product for every situation, Groz-Beckert offers an extensive product range and provides support far beyond the actual sewing process with additional services.

Wide-ranging requirements for a wide range of products

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From fine lingerie and durable jeans, right through to car seats – seams are found on a
wide range of different products. And their tasks are just as varied: They are usually used to join materials securely and permanently. In other cases, they are also used for decorative purposes.

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A variety of different challenges have to be overcome during sewing. When sewing thick and hard materials or multiple layers, the needle must show a sufficient stability to prevent needle breakage and skipped stitches. During multi-directional sewing applications, it is important to ensure that an optimal seam is produced in all sewing directions. With decorative seams, on the other hand, the focus is on an even and decorative seam appearance.

New sewing solution for ultra-fine materials

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When processing fine fabrics like fine knitted fabrics, for example, the challenge is to avoid damaging the material. For this reason, the needle used should be as thin as possible; this helps to prevent damage to the loops when inserting the needle. But the needle stability must also be high enough to prevent needle breakage and skipped stitches due to excessive needle deflection.

The special application needle SAN® 10 combines the requirements for protecting the material and needle stability. Its slim design results in a reduced cross-section in the eye area, reducing the stress on the loops as the needle passes through. The special design in the blade area also ensures sufficient stability.

In rare cases, however, damage to the material cannot be avoided using the SAN® 10. This occurs mainly on ultra-fine fabrics or materials which are extremely difficult to sew. These fabrics must be processed even more gently.

In order to fulfil this requirement, the existing special application needle SAN® 10 XS has been re-designed. Its extremely thin geometry and the cylindrical shank enable an even gentler needle penetration, further reducing material damage.
The shape of the new SAN® 10 XS needle, which extremely protects the material, does have a direct impact on its stability, however. The SAN® 10 XS is therefore even more gentle on the material than the SAN® 10, but offers also less stability. It is therefore advisable to use the SAN® 10 XS mainly in applications with a specific focus on avoiding material damage.

Have you found the right needle?

Benefit from our extensive range of services

Groz-Beckert not only offers the right needle for every seam, but also supports you in your sewing process. This is why the Groz-Beckert Customer Portal with affiliated online shop is now used and valued by the majority of customers. We are constantly developing this service.

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Parallel to this, we are setting new standards in terms of service with the INH Quality Management. The standardized process for handling sewing machine needles in the sewing process enables you to fulfil customer specifications completely and to achieve improvements in productivity, health and safety and environmental protection.

We are also working on new digital concepts for your competitive advantage. See for yourself: We are looking forward to welcoming you at booth C101 in hall 8.0 at the ITMA in Barcelona.

The Sewing division at ITMA 2019 in Barcelona

Do you want to experience live the wide variety of seams and the requirements placed on sewing machine needles when processing different materials? At the ITMA in Barcelona, Groz-Beckert will be presenting the advantages the special features of our needles offer for your application and how they can be used to improve your sewing process and the quality of your end products. You can also find out more about INH Quality Management. And why introducing this comprehensive process is indispensable and how it will pay off for your company.