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New in the product range: Products for bookbinding

Groz-Beckert products offer versatile use, making them the right choice for a wide range of applications. Sewing machine needles are therefore not only used in clothing production, but also for manufacturing upholstered furniture, teabags, transport bags and airbags. Groz-Beckert is expanding its production range to include a further segment and is now offering various products for mechanical bookbinding. These include sewing, spiral, hook and thread-sealing needles, as well as first cut needles.

The bookbinding industry

Bookbinding refers to the final work step in book production. During this process, the pages are arranged and combined, a cover is fitted to the book and then decorated. Bookbinding remained a purely manual process into the 19th century. The mechanical bookbinding process was developed during the industrialization in the 19th century. Today, most work steps in industrial bookbinding are carried out mechanically and this is the only way that books can be produced in large print-runs.

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There are various methods for binding books using machines. While adhesive binding involves joining the milled edges of the pages with a glue to form a block, spiral or Wire-O binding involves holding the spine of the book together with a coil.

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With thread stitching, on the other hand, the sheets of paper are sewn together on the spine of the book. This creates durable and high-quality books. Another method is thread sealing. In this process, plastic-encased thread clips are used and melted on the spine of the book.

Groz-Beckert products for bookbinding

With the expansion of the product range, Groz-Beckert can now also offer products for these methods of mechanical bookbinding. For thread binding, first cut needles are used, among other things, to prick holes in the paper. The thread is then fed into these holes with sewing needles and pulled out again using the hook needles. This creates a bound book.
The Groz-Beckert product range also includes needles for thread sealing.

The following products for bookbinding are currently available in the Groz-Beckert product range:

System designation Groz-BeckertReference number 1Reference number 2Reference number 3
BB hook needle 408041 408 006 S3210.1544.3BOZ-13
BB hook needle 671 Z041 671 Z06 S BOZ-12
BB hook needle 54041 540 006 S BOZ-1
BB sewing needle RD 2x70 3215.5521.2A 
BB sewing needle 956043 956 506 S EYx1
BB sewing needle 953 V5N043 953 V56 S3210.1615.2BOY-11
BB sewing needle 48043 480 006 S BOY-9
BB spiral needle 218/R6-30042 218 636 S3257.3335.3 
BB spiral needle 218/R6-40042 218 646 S3257.3334.3 
BB spiral needle 218/R6-50042 218 656 S3257.3333.3 
BB spiral needle 218/R6-20042 218 726 S3257.3338.3 
BB first cut needle 685 Spez.044 685 S06 S3210.2309.3 
BB first cut needle RD 1,2x37 3690.3898.4 
BB thread sealing needle FS100 (320)ZD.2123-320-01-00 SH617.2322.5 
BB thread sealing needle FS100 (321)ZD.2123-321-01-00 SH617.2323.5 

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Groz-Beckert as a versatile partner

Wherever needles are required: Groz-Beckert is known as a reliable partner in a wide range of fields – even outside the textile world. If you have questions relating to the products for the bookbinding industry or the rest of the product range, our sales team, the Groz-Beckert website, the Customer Portal and our recent addition, the Groz-Beckert YouTube channel, are available as an information source. We look forward to helping you.

  • Did you know?

    The current Groz-Beckert range in the field of sewing machine needles includes approximately 3,000 different types. The needle system 134 alone, which is used for the traditional lockstitch, is available in 300 different versions: from needle thickness Nm 50 for the most delicate knitted and woven fabric, to needle thickness Nm 200 for durable materials, with cloth points for sewing textiles or with cutting points for producing leather goods. Several special application needles are also available for applications such as processing denim or for multidirectional sewing. This ensures that you always have the right needle for any application.