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New Tufting Needle Improves Artificial Turf Production

The production of artificial turf for sports applications and for landscape design is the fastest-growing sector worldwide in the tufted floor covering sector. Under the name of SAN-S Groz-Beckert will be offering a specially developed product here, rounding off its gauge parts tufting range and giving you not only higher machine speeds but also outstanding product quality!

Growing volumes

Production capacities for the areas of application mentioned have been continually expanded over the past few years. The high level of application diversity has increased demand sharply. Consumption and production have had high annual growth rates for years now, in contrast to the general trend in the industry. The overall share of these products in worldwide production of tufted floor coverings is only 5 percent or so, but growth prospects are still promising, especially over the next few years.

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In the year 2009, around 90 million square metres of artificial turf were laid worldwide, roughly 87 percent of it for sports surfaces and 13 percent for landscape design. The growth rates for landscape design applications are above-average. Europe, the US and China have the biggest production capacities, and the speed of investment is continuing to increase, especially in China.

Creating artificial turf surfaces generally requires a high degree of efficiency and productivity, both from production machinery as well as the gauge part systems used, i.e. the needles, loopers and knives. In this regard Groz-Beckert offers a comprehensive, state-of-the-art product assortment that is continuously adapted to the growing needs and requirements of the industry.

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One example is the new generation of tufting needles, distinctive for their special tip and eye geometry. This needle type is already in very successful operation on various machines for the production of sports surfaces with pile heights of 60-70 mm. In future it will be distributed under the name Groz-Beckert SAN-S ("Special Application Needle - Sports").

Test makes the benefits clear

The specially developed tufting needle (WW07 R-T-P-B) has already successfully demonstrated its benefits in practical operation on a recently-installed tufting machine of the latest generation - in combination with the Groz-Beckert gauge part system. Users are highly impressed by the performance of the needle geometry, and are also confirming value-added in production and products alike. The special advantages of the Groz-Beckert gauge part system are:

  • Reduced thread breakage
  • Higher machine speed (up to 500 rpm)
  • Reduced damage to basic fabric (double-layer)
  • Higher output in m2
  • Outstanding quality of produced goods - without damage
The first reference customer with whom the test run described was implemented now wants to make comprehensive use of the successful combination of the Groz-Beckert gauge part specification. In this regard, the customer has already planned further investments in the relevant production capacities.

Online Catalogue Tufting

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Customers can now access information about the entire Groz-Beckert portfolio of gauge parts tufting instantly - via the new "Online Catalogue Tufting". The entire sector thus has an up-to-date tool to comfortably search for and precisely identify products.

Online registration for use of the "Online Catalogue Tufting" can be done quickly and easily via Apply for your personal password right now! After the arrival and verification of your data, Groz-Beckert will immediately send you your username plus your personal password via e-mail.