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ITMA ASIA + CITME 2014 June 16-20, 2014

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Esthetics and functionality in the car

Impressive high-quality velour

If all tufting products were suddenly removed from a car interior, their importance would become crystal-clear: all that would remain would be bare sheet metal, plastics, or various rough and unappealing-looking textile surfaces. It's rare that the role actually played by tufting in vehicle interiors is properly demonstrated – which is why, at the ITMA ASIA + CITME 2014, Groz-Beckert will be using its impressive TexCar exhibit to show everything that tufting can do inside a vehicle.

Just an imageGroz-Beckert TexCar

This spectacular exhibit – a cutaway ​​Mercedes-Benz E-Class stationwagon – provides an impressive demonstration of where textiles play an important role in vehicles. The showpiece exhibit is now in Shanghai at the ITMA ASIA + CITME 2014, and it not only reveals where tufted products can be found inside a car but also emphasizes the high standards they have to meet

Just an imageFormed and tufted automotive carpeting (© Colbond bv)

What would a modern car be like without textile paneling? It would be an uninspiring commercial vehicle - an impression that hardly any car manufacturer wants to convey unless their vehicles have actually been designed for heavy-duty operation in everyday work. The trend nowadays, even with small cars, is toward even more luxury and a corresponding sense of spaciousness. In this regard, tufted paneling and carpeting elements on the floor and consoles have become indispensable. Similarly, the trunk interior of any vehicle built nowadays always has to contain velour.

But it's not only requirements placed on the look-and-feel of a vehicle interior that are becoming increasingly strict: In view of rising fuel costs, weight reduction is also a key aspect in the design of modern automobiles. Lower surface weights for fittings and equipment are therefore in demand, yet the appearance and technical characteristics of that equipment still need to conform to the highest standards.

Tufting for automobiles

Durability is essential

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Then there are the everyday stresses to which tufted products are exposed in a vehicle during its lifetime. The materials have to be able to withstand extreme temperature variations while retaining full durability. Shape, stability and elasticity all have to remain constant, both at extremely low temperatures in winter as well as in the searing heat of summer. Aggressive influences from chemicals such as fuel residues or from UV radiation must not be allowed to affect durability. Finally, moisture resistance or mechanical stress caused by shoes, cleaning equipment, or trunk loads all number among the factors that automotive carpeting has to be able to withstand without damage.

A challenging combination

Lightweight and durable

Processed materials thus have to be durable when it comes to the manufacture of tufted products for automobiles. The highest precision is required in production when using tufting tools. Tufting needles always have to harmonize with ever lighter primary carriers, so that no damage to the material occurs. A dense fabric appearance combined with a lower pile weight is also required if high-quality results are to be economically achieved.

At the same time, the other components such as loopers and tufting knives need to be optimally adapted to the relevant production order. Long operating times and long service life make these automotive tufting systems a key factor in enabling a high level of productivity, and therefore profitability.

Groz-Beckert Gauge Part System

The ideal tool for high productivity

The increasing demands made on the quality of tufting products for the automotive industry are more than fulfilled by the Groz-Beckert Gauge Part System. The Gauge Part System Automotive, designed specifically for automotive needs, ideally integrates proven Groz-Beckert quality into all sectors.

Just an imageTK SC tufting knife

The system can, for example, be optionally equipped with tufting knives of type TK Standard (HSS) or TK SC (with carbide cutting insert). Here are the benefits of these tufting knives at a glance:

  • Far longer service life before regrinding
  • Precision-ground in OEM quality
  • Product labeling via laser marking
  • Different versions for all velour applications
  • Excellent results in combination with the CPLM SC

Just an imageCut pile looper module

For precision processing the Cut Pile Looper module CPLM SC, with its carbide cutting insert, is the perfect tool:

  • Improved cutting properties
  • Optimized blade support
  • Multiple-regrind capacity
  • Longer operating times and service life
  • Sturdy design for high stability
  • Perfect module fit due to GB Fit
  • Optimum material coordination with the TK SC

Just an imageTufting needle module TNM

The Gauge Part System Automotive is rounded off by its tufting-needle modules, all of them optimally coordinated. The Groz-Beckert TNM, a real "all rounder", offers the following benefits:

  • Broad range of versions for the most diverse applications and yarn types
  • Ultra-fine gauges and precise spacings
  • Consistently high quality
  • Ultra-long service life
  • Perfect module fit due to GB Fit
  • High covering capacity

Ideal for extreme challenges where tufting quality is concerned is the TNM Mini-Staggered (Patent EP 0976 860 A1):

  • Reduced surface weights
  • Up to 50% weight savings compared to standard tufts
  • Improved use of tufting spaces
  • Denser look combined with lower pile weight
  • No breaks at round sections
  • Clean edge finishes

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Convincing results

In the automobile and all other areas

The spectacular TexCar exhibit at the ITMA ASIA + CITME 2014 demonstrates the convincing results that can be obtained using the Groz-Beckert Gauge Part System. The elaborately exposed features of this showpiece on four wheels reveal the multiple areas of application for tufting products in automotive design. The Gauge Part System opens up great opportunities with regard to productivity and economic efficiency, not just in car manufacture but in all areas of tufting production. To find out more just contact the Groz-Beckert experts, who will be happy to assist – either in a discussion directly at the booth or via e-mail. Get in touch!