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On-site training

The Groz-Beckert Academy comes to customers worldwide

It is not always possible or advisable to send production personnel away to training events. Long distances to the relevant location often make further training expensive, and staff absence impacts productivity. This is why the technology area of Tufting has come up with an offer that enables basic know-how from the Groz-Beckert Academy training program to be communicated in courses that can be held on customers’ own premises.

The technology area of Tufting is now taking a basic Academy program to users of Groz-Beckert products all over the globe. This targeted service is a response to the fact that many customers find it very difficult to send their production staff to Germany for training courses.

This offer, with its first training units, was launched at relevant production sites in Northern Ireland at the end of last year, and met with a very positive response. In the meantime, the training program has been successfully presented at around ten companies in countries such as the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia and Thailand.

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In addition to the training courses, the latest concepts for using Tufting Gauge Part systems are also available to the trainers. These enable them to give customers tips on how they can tailor their manufacturing processes, securing optimum performance and durability of the Groz-Beckert products used. This direct access to information from the experts has been especially well received in markets that play a subordinate role, where the flow of information about current developments is not always fast and reliable.

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Participants in these in-house training courses each receive a certificate of participation, which also testifies to the respective company’s interest in the further development of its workforce. Moreover, this partnership between Groz-Beckert and tufting producers around the world is resulting in even faster response to new ideas, and direct contact whenever technical issues need to be discussed. For Groz-Beckert, this concept is turning out to be an extremely successful way of getting to know the challenges faced by today’s tufting companies even better.