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Just an imageSource: INFLOOR - GIRLOON GmbH & Co. KG

In recent times, Level Cut Loop carpets have been produced with increasingly higher densities, more complex patterns and new carpet yarns.

These new designs place increased demands on the gauge parts – in particular the Level Cut Loop Module (LCLM). This is why Groz-Beckert has worked together with renowned carpet and tufting machine manufacturers to develop a new LCLM generation, which has become firmly established in the market.

Just an imageSource: INFLOOR - GIRLOON GmbH & Co. KG

Level Cut Loop

In order to produce the loop and velour proportions in the carpet based on the programmed pattern, the clips of the Level Cut Loop Module are controlled individually via pneumatic air cylinders. Separate servo motors create different yarn tensions and produce the desired pattern effects.

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The latest generation machines used here require a high level of precision, with minimal tolerances, maximum pitch precision and the exact alignment of all tufting tools used. Groz-Beckert has succeeded in satisfying these requirements completely.

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Reduced wear, less downtime, improved carpet quality

With the Groz-Beckert Level Cut Loop Modules, the geometry and material and the wear properties have been significantly improved. Due to the generally high loop proportion in Level Cut Loop carpets, the cutting inserts of the hook are put under high levels of stress due to the direct material contact of the knife and hook, without thread lubrication. In the past, this often resulted in wear on the cutting inserts and premature failure of the hook, which led to a reduced lifespan and increased downtime of the machine.

The current generation of the Groz-Beckert Level Cut Loop Module promotes longer service lifetime and improved process reliability, furthermore, downtimes of the tufting machines are significantly reduced. This reduces costs in the process, improves the quality of the products and increases machine efficiency.

The high individual quality of the Groz-Beckert tufting tools benefits users in particular during use in the complete Groz-Beckert tufting system. Here, the material components, tolerances and the functional interplay of all individual parts are coordinated harmoniously to deliver an impressive overall performance.

The advantages of the latest generation of Level Cut Loop Modules from Groz-Beckert:

  • Patented carbide insert
  • Multiple regrinding possible
  • Improved knife support
  • Maximum pitch precision
  • Optimized “locator” fixing
  • Precise alignment
  • Reproducible quality regardless of the batch – “engineered product”
  • Transparent product labeling with laser inscription
  • Easy identification via Groz-Beckert item number in the online catalog Tufting

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