Magazine April 2020

Resilience down to the smallest detail

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Captivating, high-quality velours

The global automobile markets are very competitive. For manufacturers and brands, every detail is crucial in order to rise above the competition. For the buyer, both the design and interior of the car are important factors when making a decision to purchase or not.

The car's carpeting might only have a secondary influence in the decision making process, but car buyers do greatly value a carpet that looks good, is easy to clean, holds up well, and is made from sustainable, environmentally friendly materials.

In turn, aspects like malleability, dimensional stability, and sustainability are important for manufacturers of automotive carpets. The topic of weight reduction is also a key aspect in the design of cars with regard to CO² emissions. Lower base weights for furnishings are therefore necessary, while the appearance and technical characteristics must continue to meet the highest standards.

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Tufted carpets, which are mainly used in upper midsize and luxury class vehicles, satisfy all of these criteria. A perfect surface of the velour fabric, which is manufactured using a cut pile process, is only possible through the use of high-quality tools. This process is highly demanding on the gauge parts used. The high demands for quality as well as continued cost pressures require automobile carpeting manufacturers to have a modern and extremely efficient production process. In this case, Groz-Beckert's gauge part system, which was specially developed for automotive needs, delivers excellent performance.

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The Groz-Beckert gauge part system

The perfect tool for high productivity

The Groz-Beckert gauge part system can be equipped with tufting knives of type TK Standard (HSS) or TK SC (with carbide cutting insert), depending on the application. The CPLM SC (Cut Pile Looper Module with carbide cutting insert) is the perfectly balanced partner in this cutting system and guarantees:

  • Improved cutting properties
  • High-quality cross sections / carpet surfaces
  • Optimal knife support
  • Multiple regrindings
  • Longer operating times and service life

The automotive gauge part system is completed with perfectly balanced tufting needle modules, available in a number of designs for a wide variety of applications and yarn types. The precise spacing and consistently high quality make it possible to get the most out of your tools.

Looking for solutions to your production challenge?

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