Magazine December 2020

Unprecedented times, unprecedented challenges

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The ability to innovate and create are prerequisites for remaining relevant in the highly competitive carpet industry. Constant exchange with users is required in order to keep pace with the times. This is the only way that our products can also meet the requirements of the market. Continuous improvement and development of our tools are essential elements that contribute to the success of our customers and ensure the competitiveness and continued existence of the company.

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Addressing new challenges together with Danfloor

Danfloor in Denmark has been a Groz-Beckert customer for many years and is part of the renowned Ulster Group. Quality, safety, innovation and service are the cornerstones of the company – the ideal basis for a cooperative partnership with Groz-Beckert.

As already mentioned, new products with increasingly complex carpet surfaces, create new demands on man, machine and our tools.

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This was also the case with the latest product from Danfloor development, which presented us with an unprecedented "low-loop" requirement. The use of high-speed camera equipment allowed us to analyze the tufting process under production conditions. The subject of our investigation was a last-generation LCL machine with a special "yarn attachment". Each yarn to be processed has its own servo drive to control the pile height In the present configuration with 1/8“ gauge and over 4 meters working width, this totaled 1260 servo motors. Using such freely programmable technology means that there are virtually no limits to the patterns and thus the creativity of the in-house carpet designers.

Nevertheless, there are, of course, limits on the machines and tools. The goal here is to constantly extend these limits with further development. This requires professional user knowledge and competent tool knowledge. The professional exchange with Mr. Claus Madsen, experienced Production Manager, contributed significantly to mastering the new challenge.

Throughout the project, all our activities were systematically planned, implemented and controlled according to the Plan-Do-Check-Act approach. This means that we always scrutinize our actions with the aim of continuous improvement. In this way, we were able to prove, together with Danfloor, that we are willing and able to meet the challenge and present the solution. The cooperation and constant exchange culminated in a positive result for both companies. Win-win – the fun way to work!

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