Magazine November 2011

Know more, work more efficiently – with the myGrozBeckert app!

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myGrozBeckert – Your value-added in everything to do with weaving

Along with all kinds of general information, constantly updated films and numerous brochures, the "yarn gauge converter" tool is a part of the free myGrozBeckert basic app.

All further functions can be enhanced at any time via the additional app "Toolbox". The activation of the entire Toolbox costs a mere one-off charge of 2.39 Euro. There are no other obligations.

Functions of the Toolbox

Conversion of yarn gauges

Whether tex, Ne, Nm, Td or dtex, it's never been simpler to convert yarn gauges into other units of measurement.

Deciding on the heald

After selection of the feed eye, eye status and end loop, you can decide on the ideal heald for your requirements, thereby increasing the economic efficiency and productivity of your weaving machine.

Deciding on drop-wire weights
Using individual yarn units and thicknesses, calculate the ideal drop-wire weights for your application.

Deciding on the highest row density of drop wires
Having entered the drop-wire thickness in mm you will get the maximum number of drop wires per cm and per inch.

Available from the Apple Store

You can download the myGrozBeckert app here. Don't miss this opportunity!

If you have any feedback about the app, Groz-Beckert will be happy to hear it at