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KnotMaster, WarpMaster and a new cleaning plant –
maximum flexibility in weaving preparation for Asia too!

KnotMaster: fast and universal

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Modular design, 4 mm short knot-ends, yarn breakage control, innovative touchscreen and diverse frame variants: with its numerous useful features the powerful KnotMaster knotting machine will be causing a weaving-industry sensation in Shanghai as well. Groz-Beckert is presenting two different KnotMaster models. The XS/3 model will be demonstrated with the extensive KC/3 computer control – perfect for all dyed weavers.

Overall, the KnotMaster is universal in application and enables even very fine warps to be efficiently knotted together!

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WarpMaster: proven and popular

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The WarpMaster, with its popular drawing-in concept that has proven itself over decades, is now in its third generation. The WarpMaster pulls the yarn from a single spool through drop wire, heald and reed. Thanks to this drawing-in concept no warp beam is required, making drawing-in independent from warp beam production. An additional advantage is the fact that no warp-material-related adjustments need to be made – yet another benefit where operator comfort is concerned.

What's new

In its latest configuration, the WarpMaster has been equipped with a powerful 15-inch touchscreen, a redesigned operating system and a USB interface. The computer features the very latest SSD hard-disk technology, which means faster access times, lower power consumption and longer service life. Wearing parts have also been optimized, and the machine design modernized. The new operating unit now enables remote support. Teleanalysis can now be carried out via modem – for customer service in real time.

What the market says

At the ITMA 2011, the latest version of the WarpMaster was presented with a working width of 2,400 mm. Many customers were clearly impressed by the arguments in favor of the machine and its performance specs, and this resulted in several sales. One of the machines was sold to the German textile producer SETEX in Rheine. In the weaving sector, with its 'single-source' concept, SETEX is a performance-driven complete provider. Since its foundation in 1990 the company has steadily developed into one of the largest fabric producers in Germany. SETEX offers products for the most diverse sectors, from Molton Meterware and products for mattresses to contract textiles, low-flammability deco fabrics and also technical fabrics.

Jochen Kersting, head of advertising at SETEX, described his experiences with the new WarpMaster: "Training, installation and service were all exemplary and carried out to our complete satisfaction. In the first few months we had nothing but positive experience with running the machine. For the employees, programming and operating the machine can be learned very quickly."

Now that the WarpMaster has been sold not only in England, France and Germany but India too, Groz-Beckert is looking forward to familiarizing its Asian customers and partners even more with this fully automatic machine and its benefits at the ITMA ASIA. After all, the main value-added provided by the WarpMaster – more comfort during fully-automatic drawing-in – is of great significance all over the world!

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New cleaning plant: compact and fully automatic

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Today's drawing-in devices and weaving machines are reacting increasingly sensitively to even the smallest amounts of contamination where weaving machine accessories are concerned. Productivity increases and high-quality fabrics can only be obtained with clean healds, drop wires and reeds.

After its acquisition on April 1, 2012 of the "Textile Machines" division of the Spaleck Group in Bocholt, Germany, Groz-Beckert offers a practical cleaning system for reeds, healds and drop wires, that perfectly complements weaving preparation. The machine optimizes the cleaning of accessories and minimizes the costs it involves. This is the world's only fully-automatic universal cleaning machine with integrated drying of reeds, healds and drop wires. Up to 25,000 healds or 45,000 drop wires for warp stop motions can be thoroughly cleaned in less than one hour. Despite this, the machine is impressively compact in size – making it a winner all round!

Groz-Beckert will be presenting the innovative cleaning plant at the ITMA ASIA for the very first time. Don't miss the premiere!

If you have any questions or suggestions at this point about anything related to weaving machinery components or weaving preparation, feel free to contact the Groz-Beckert experts.